5 Important Video Marketing Strategies for Interior Designers and Remodelers

​Video marketing strategy has proven itself as one of the most efficient ways to market services in this digital age. Interior designers and remodelers find video marketing very helpful to make their business grow. Telling potential clients about your services through a video develops confidence and trust in them for your brand. As the field of video marketing is vast, video marketing strategies are needed to stay ahead of the game, and below we discuss 5 important video marketing strategies/tips for remodelers and interior designers. Have a look:

Video Marketing Tips for Interior Designers and Remodelers

1. Connect with Your Audience

You should know what your audience needs, what are their problems and concerns regarding remodeling and interior designing. If you can uncover and solve what your audience is looking for, then you can deliver a visual that will engage your audience and link to them. Connecting can also be achieved by educating them. Tell them something that is trending, some new designs or some of the latest ideas for renovation. This makes people think that they need the service being depicted in the video.

2. Make it Short and Easy

Longer ads and long videos tend to lose focus of the audience. People don’t recommend long videos. The best type of videos is those which are short and informative. The video should not contain any jargon which a common person is unable to understand. Showing the process visually is the best way to demonstrate to your prospects how their project might turn out. In case of remodeling it will be easy for them to see how the process will go, which gives them more comfort in working with you.

3. Keep the Content Relevant

Never beat around the bush! Make the message as informative as possible. This will not waste the audience’s time and will convey the message. The visuals should be to the point and elaborate enough that the audience gets the idea. Put in some visuals that will show the necessary changes needed for remodeling. It will show how the interior designer works with the space provided.

4. The back story is Important

Having a back story to the message is very important. This will make people understand the need for remodeling or interior design. Make a story that can support your main idea. This will help your idea to flourish properly. A back story can contain things like the history of the space prior to the remodel, reasons the space was designed the way it was prior to you taking on the project, or even the time period when it was built to explain the fixtures and finishes chosen prior to you working on the project. Giving the back story helps viewers relate to the project.

5. Story Telling is a Big Part

Everyone gets inspired or at least entertained by a good story. Tell a story worth watching and visualize in such a way that it leaves an impact in the mind of your audience. Storytelling will leave an impression on the mind of viewers; they will relate the story with the product you are selling. The story needs to be relevant and should work together with the product in such a way that it doesn’t look overdone. If the story is good enough it will leave a mark on the mind of viewers along with its association with your services.

These are just a video marketing strategies to grow your business and build your brand. When you start to incorporate video into your marketing efforts take a look at our article on the 10 mistakes to avoid in video marketing to make sure you are using best practices and not wasting your time of money. If you need additional help when it comes to video marketing give our team a call or schedule strategy session to see how we can best be of service.

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