5 SEO Myths to Avoid in Your Interior Design or Remodeling Business

Powered with dynamism and progression, the digital world of information and technology is constantly transforming. Businesses that are thriving by benefiting from the technological breakthroughs and revolutions need to keep abreast with the fast-moving changes. Just like any other sector, interior designers and remodeling businesses must ensure a constant up-gradation of their technology applications and strategies to remain proficient and effective in the market.

Relying on outdated news and misinformation, you may be spending your valuable resources on something that is no longer needed. This is especially true when we talk about search engine optimization or SEO practices and techniques. SEO techniques are not just used to drive traffic to your website, they are essential for profitable and effective marketing as well; turning your potential visitors into revenue-generating clients. With so much going on in the world of digital marketing and eCommerce, separating fact from fiction can often become difficult.

Here are 5 SEO myths to avoid in your interior design and remodeling business.

1. Myth: Links Help Generate Leads

Links are important when we talk about ranking a website on a search engine. But do links outweigh content? The answer is NO!
Many interior designers or home remodeling businesses put all their efforts into developing links that are creative and relevant for the target audience. They fill up the content with a large number of links and backlinks to generate more traffic. But doing this at the cost of providing quality content is not effective. If a user clicks on your link, reaches your website, and finds irrelevant, outdated, or low-quality content on your website, he will bounce right back. The result is low-quality traffic and no leads. For successful business operations and digital marketing, every interior design and remodeling business should focus on quality rather than quantity.

2. Myth: No Need to Optimize Your Website For Mobile Users

Well, if you still believe in this myth, you are living in la-la land! We know that more than 80% of all Americans own a smartphone. And well, most of these people use them to browse the internet. For the interior design and remodeling industry, the internet has been a transformational marketing tool. People who used to run through magazines or catalogs are now able to browse through websites and shop home décor items online in seconds. Today if your website is not optimized for mobile devices you not only lose valuable potential clients but also fail to rank your website on the search engine. So, what is the solution? Make your interior design and remodeling website mobile optimized!

3. Myth: Search Engine Ranking is Your Sole Digital Marketing Goal

If you plan to succeed this way, you are mistaken. We admit and understand the importance of ranking on the first page of the search engine, but that does not guarantee the effectiveness of your digital marketing efforts. There is much more to it. Ranking among the top three on the first page may make you stand out but that does not necessarily mean a click or a productive lead. You need to focus on other aspects of digital marketing as well. Incorporating other tools like email marketing, social networking, word of mouth and other advertising techniques is essential for the success of your overall marketing strategy, especially in the interior design and home remodeling industry.

4. Myth: Google Ranks Your Website Based on Meta Descriptions

Meta Descriptions are important for the target audience who are searching for a particular type of information. It gives them an insight into what the website might have in store for them. Attractive, relevant, and precise Meta descriptions leads to valuable prospects and generate the right traffic for your website. But do these affect your ranking by Google? The answer is, NO! To reduce your design or remodel website’s bounce rate and enhance the movement of the relevant target audience to your website, you must develop Meta descriptions that are powerful, keyword-optimized, and offer valuable information in a brief manner.

5. Myth: You Need Exact Keywords and Phrases to Rank Well

With superior mechanisms and innovative AI technologies of search engine ranking, you do not have to worry about putting the exact or right keywords in your website content. Anticipating what an interior design or remodeling client would be looking for in a website, Google will help generate its own options for users. This means that you should focus on putting keywords and phrases that are relevant to your content and target audience. Google will rank your page if you are closely related and relevant to it.  

These are just a few myths to watch out for in the world of SEO. For additional SEO tips and information take a look at our SEO section or resource library for more. If you want to  speak with one of our professionals contact us or schedule a strategy session so we can help you grow your business. 

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