5 Ways to Brand Your Interior Design or Remodeling Business Like a Pro

Are you offering better services than the others Interior Designers? Even then, are you unable to capture a sufficient market share? Or are you so well-established now that you feel you don’t need to make an effort to brand your business?

Undoubtedly, branding does tend to take a backseat when you are already doing well in the market. But trust me, many times branding is the only difference which makes or breaks a business.

Hence, today we will focus on ways you can brand your interior design or remodel business like a pro!

5 Ways to Brand Your Interior Design or Remodeling Business

1. Catchy Logo

How many times has it happened to you that you forget the brand name of a product but can recognize the logo anywhere! Even if you are unable to say the name out loud, you associate that logo with a specific quality. Same is the case in the remodeling world. You need to develop a logo that will leave a mark on the minds of people. After all, you’re a designer, wake your creativity!

Visuals are a good way to capture the interest of the audience. Hiring professional help is a good idea. Use attractive colors and follow the concept of minimalism. Don’t go overboard with the visual elements as they can tend to be unattractive if overdone.

2. Establish Your Brand Identity

When talking about branding, it is more than what the eye can see. Your brand identity needs to be the VOICE of your brand. Focus on the reason for bringing your interior design and remodeling business to life. Establish yourself in such a way that people realize they need you and it is not the other way round.

3. Website Branding

After the advent of the internet, interior designers and remodelers have seen a boom in ways of marketing online. But, your website is always the first step. With virtual stores, the importance of websites is increasing. Make it a visual treat. Strike a balance between visuals and text to grab the attention of your potential clients.

4. Brand the Mood Boards

Certainly, you can brand yourself with the help of your mood boards. Developing a personal template and being consistent with this is the key to success. Like marketing materials and visuals, you can (and should) brand your unique styles also. Your focus should be on coming up with a unique, signature style. This can be done by combining elements of visual branding.

5. Customer Service

Last but not least, to brand your business properly and to establish a name in the design and remodeling space, customer service is key. Be sure to include courteous and polite people on your team, who are client facing. Always be there for the clients and listen to them with full attention and try to solve their problems. Moreover, when you get a negative review, tackle it wisely. Only then will you be able to establish yourself as one of the best.

These are just a few reasons why branding is important for interior designers and kitchen & bath remodel businesses. For more information check out our resource library. If you have any questions regarding this article or want to speak with one of our specialist to learn more contact our office or schedule a strategy session to see how we can best be of service.

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