5 Ways to Promote Video Content for Your Interior Design or Remodeling Business

​Are you looking for ways to take your interior design or kitchen and bath remodel business to the next level? Whether you are a newbie or have an established business for quite some time now, growth is always possible.

Not only this, it is imperative. But with so much competition and saturation in the market, finding new ways to promote your business is becoming tougher.

Let me tell you a secret:

The best format for sharing information about your business with the world is through videos. So, let’s look at ways you can promote your video content for your interior design or remodeling business.

Unlike popular belief, social media is not the only way that can be used for promotion. There are many other platforms explained below.

5 Ways to Promote Video Content for Your Business

1. Landing Page

Wouldn’t it be nice if you open a page and the first thing that pops up in the corner is a video review of your interior design or remodeling business?

Nice, right? So, the best way to promote video content is to add it to your homepage. It does not necessarily need to be a review; you can add anything you want. A new product line you are introducing, some new trend you want to share. Just make a video and upload it on your landing page.

2. Use Twitter or Facebook for Your Video Campaign

Free. Oh, how that name attracts clients. You can run a video campaign on social media by offering some service/product free. Best is to offer remodeling tips, a virtual mockup for their bedroom or something else for free.

Ultimately, they will click the ad and come to your video.

3. Email

A comparatively new concept is adding videos to email. Yes, only adding the word video has shown to increase the click rate of an email by 19%

That’s a lot, isn’t it?

Moreover, try to add attracting thumbnails, so your potential clients open the page and navigate further along.

4. Client Testimonials

Certainly, this is one thing that never goes out of date. We are social animals and are affected greatly by the advice of others.

Hence, including video client testimonials is going to add the WOW factor to your remodeling and interior design business. All you need to do is show the world how satisfied a particular client is.

This will gain the trust of future potential clients.

5. Blog Posts

Try to include your video content in your blog posts. This will not only add a little flavor to the posts, but will help the content rank higher on the search engines.

How will that happen?

Sadly, this is not as easy as it seems. You need to do proper homework for it. Research the high conversion keywords which are generating sales for other interior designers or remodelers.

Best of all, make an introductory video about what your brand is, what you have to offer and tell people what is your approach to designing or remodeling a space.

These are just a video marketing strategies to grow your business and build your brand. When you start to incorporate video into your marketing efforts take a look at our article on the 10 mistakes to avoid in video marketing to make sure you are using best practices and not wasting your time of money. If you need additional help when it comes to video marketing give our team a call or schedule strategy session to see how we can best be of service.

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