November 15

Canva by Design

What is Canva and why is it so wonderful for design businesses? 

Canva is an essential tool in interior design businesses. When it comes to aesthetics and brand marketing, Canva is the most suitable and user friendly application. It helps designers create professional looking infographics and images that can be used on a variety of social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr and more. These designs will also appear high on search engine results pages when you use specific keywords related to your business or project. The best part? You don’t have to worry about coding or even having any graphic-design skills! Simply choose from the prebuilt templates included with each plan, or upload your own logo and photos with ease, then customize your new design with text, links, custom shapes, borders, shadows, gradients and much more. Once ready, simply select “Save” to launch your masterpiece on whichever platform you choose.

Canva Application Pros!

With its affordable plans starting at $4 per month, Canva has become one of the top choices for small companies who want to stay ahead of their competition without breaking the bank. Best of all there are no long term contracts to sign so you can cancel the subscription anytime. There’s never been a better time to start using Canva by Design!

Canva Increases Business Sales!

Using Canva can improve your business marketing and sales. By improving sales, you are likely improving customer experience which may result in higher retention rates. 
Canva can help you make:
• Infographic
• Marketing poster
• Presentation slide
• Business cards
• Flyers
• Flyer template
• Website banner

What makes Canva different from other programs?

Canva offers the ability to create graphics quickly and easily. We were inspired when we saw the endless possibilities of creating beautiful pieces of art through our smartphone cameras. This was something we loved doing as kids so we thought why not do the same thing now for adults and business owners. It seems like everyone is trying to tell us they build websites these days but they’re either too complicated for the average person or they require a lot of technical know how. So we decided to take a different approach and give people what they really need – simple tools to build awesome websites and graphics.

We recommend  Canva because we believe you shouldn’t have to be a designer to make great assets you share with your audience. If you have a good idea for a website layout, infographic or presentation slide, chances are you already have that awesome photo or video lying around on your phone. All you need is a program that allows you to drag and drop elements together. 

Learn how Canva by Design can help you:
✓ Create beautiful visuals faster
✓ Convert words into stunning visuals
✓ Improve branding
✓ Grow your audience
✓ Boost engagement
✓ Increase conversions
✓ Make your content stand out from the crowd

Included benefits are access to Canva’s exclusive marketplace where you’ll find millions of unique images, graphics, and other design resources created by Canva community. In addition, you get 10 GB of storage + 1 TB bandwidth + 15GB ebooks library, 500+ premium fonts , 50GB email account and unlimited domain. 

 For more information visit our website kabms.com  


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