June 1

How Instagram is changing the Interior Design & Remodeling Business

Social media platforms like Instagram have transformed the way interior design and remodeling businesses operate worldwide. According to global statistics, more than 3.5 billion people have registered social media accounts. And this number keeps on growing every year.

Instagram is one of the most popular and widely used social media platforms in the world. It has provided users with a creative way of sharing images, videos, ideas, and aspirations about the various facets of life and living. By providing the users a fast and effective way of staying in touch through their smartphones, Instagram allows people to discover new design trends and remain updated with the latest happenings in the interior design and home remodeling industry.

Here are some essential aspects of interior design and remodeling businesses that have been transformed through the Instagram platform.

Fast Access to Large Audience: This photograph-based social media platform has more than 800 million active users worldwide. It provides an effective and innovative medium for designers to share glimpses and images of their work and projects with potential clients. Unlike in the past, interior designers and remodelers can reach out to a large number of audiences by posting their latest creations and works of art on their Instagram accounts.

Keeps Clients Updated on Latest Trends: Reshaping the way interior designers market their products and services, Instagram allows the target market to remain updated with the latest trends and happenings in the industry. In fact, with so many followers and users, it provides the designer an opportunity to shape up new trends and convey them to the users.

Improve the Learning Curve: With so many designers and remodelers from around the world showcasing the images and glimpses of their latest work and projects, Instagram allows local designers to remain updated with the changing scenarios in the industry. It helps them learn about current market practices and ways of improving the business operations.​

New Ways of Marketing: Instagram and other social media platforms provide the interior design industry new ways of marketing their products and services to clients. With fast access to a large audience, you can keep potential market segments updated with your projects and creativity. With increased followers, you have a greater chance of increasing your client base by converting prospects into actual clients.

Build a Trustworthy Reputation: People from different origins and backgrounds can easily share their thoughts and experiences with others on such social media platforms. Being an interior designer, you need word of mouth marketing and good reviews to keep business flowing. With Instagram, your happy clients can give reviews and testimonials about your skills and services and reach out to their network of friends and family. You can build a better reputation in the market through fast and effective Instagram connections.

Connect With the Client: As a designer, you can design well and keep clients satisfied by remaining updated with their wants and needs. Instagram provides you a way to connect effectively with your clients and remain focused on their changing preferences and requirements. 

To learn more about Instagram and social media and how to benefit and utilize these platforms better, visit our social media page for more information. Also, check out our Resource Library for additional resources and marketing tips. If you want to  speak with one of our experts contact us or schedule a strategy session so we can better understand you business and show you how we can help grow your business and your brand. 


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