January 15

How to Get Kitchen Leads for Your Interior Design or Home Remodeling Business

Kitchen remodeling and interior design companies looking to revamp or boost their sales must use effective digital marketing techniques to get more leads. The ultimate focus of any digital marketing strategy should be to bring in more kitchen remodeling leads, convert them into clients, and earn more revenue.

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Strategies to Generate Kitchen and Bath Remodeling Leads for Your Interior Design or Remodeling Company

Organic or Inbound Lead Generation Strategies

1. Website Optimization

Optimizing your company website to make it a powerful digital tool for reaching out to new leads is essential. A well optimized website will help strengthen relationships with potential prospects as well as existing clients. Your website should stand out and give potential clients something extraordinary.
Make your website stand out by creating:

  • A Resource of Good Information
  • A Place to Highlight Your Design Process
  • A Venue to Showcase Your Great Work through a Portfolio or Gallery Page
  • A Space to Tell Stories through Client Testimonials
  • Appropriate Calls to Action (CTA)

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2. Search Engine Optimization

Prospects mostly rely on search engines like Google for a kitchen remodeling contractor. To make your website visible to these leads, you need to go beyond the three SEO ranking tools of title tags, keywords, and headlines. Through a comprehensive SEO strategy, you can focus on building a high-quality website, premium user experience, link development, and superior content. Check out our complete SEO checklist for additional support. If you rank well but provide a not-so-good user experience, your rankings will not last for long.

3. Email Marketing

Email marketing is a great way to generate new leads and to maintain communication with previous or existing clients. It helps in reminding them of your company’s presence and highlights the brand for future projects and referrals. Content of the email is important for effective results. To learn more about Email Marketing Tips watch our training video.

For the detailed article on each of these marketing strategies with training videos and links to more information, click here

Paid Lead Generating Strategies for Interior Designers and Remodelers

1. PPC or Pay Per Click Advertisements

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) are the compact advertisements that show up relevant to the search at the top or bottom of a search results page. Anyone looking to find an interior designer or home remodeling company might start here, but the ad is only functional till the time you are paying. To understand PPC ads and their work in detail go through our PPC Marketing Tips or run through our PPC Training Video.

2. Google Local Service Ads or LSAs

Specific to location these ads help promote your interior design or home remodeling company as a local business near you. They are showcased on top of the search engine results page (SERP) and help deliver quality leads from the ads to the company. With additional information available on the ad, the potential client can generate direct contact with the company. Get detailed information on Using Google LSA for your Interior Design Business by clicking here.

For the detailed article on each of these marketing strategies with training videos and links to more information, click here

Social Media Lead Generation Strategies

1. Create a Business Page

It would be difficult to complete your digital marketing strategy for generating leads without social media marketing. The key is to ensure that you build out a complete profile which makes it easier for prospects to find it and for the social media platforms to display your company profile. Click here to learn more about setting up your Facebook Business Profile the right way.

2. Posting Valuable Content and Engage with Users

Posting your completed projects on various platforms like Pinterest, Houzz, and Instagram will help accentuate your presence in the market. Using photo-centric social media platforms allows you to grow your brand recognition and increase awareness among your target audience. Augment your completed projects with valuable content that resonates with your audience. How-to-tips are some of the most popular searched terms and any other content that your audience is looking for will help grow your presence and have your visitors view you as an expert in the industry.
In addition to posting valuable content remember these are social media platforms, which means you must be social. Designers and remodeling businesses miss the ball when they post consistently but fail to engage with their users. You can build a strong following and brand evangelism when you engage with users and show that you care. To learn about effective ways of digital marketing on Houzz, Pinterest and Instagram check out our advanced training videos.

3. Social Media Ads (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc.)

Facebook Ads are great for generating leads. Their advanced features like the artificial intelligence system and the custom audience let you segment the users and showcase your ads to the people who are more likely to purchase your product or services. To learn some basic tips on leveraging the tool of Facebook Ads for your business read about it in detail here.

Final Thoughts

There are many ways you can generate home remodeling leads through the digital marketing process. However, jumping on every channel may not be the right choice. Create a strategy that utilizes a combination of these digital tools and let your company leverage the most effective and efficient options from there.

For the detailed article on each of these marketing strategies with training videos and links to more information, click here.  


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