September 15

How Virtual Design Can Help Your Interior Design Business

Do you have any idea how much technology is effecting the Interior Design Industry? Surely, the question caught you off-guard, didn’t it?

Well, thanks to the boom in technology, the Interior Design Industry is evolving at a never-ending pace. The concepts and trends which had taken the market by storm a decade ago are no longer in demand and are considered obsolete by many.

Hence, to compete in the face-paced industry of today, Interior Designers need to let go of the old-school mind frame. Additionally, the need of the day is to embrace better ways of operating your business. In comes the concept of virtual design. Especially after this pandemic, interior designers have realized how convenient and cost-saving the virtual design option is.

Therefore, it looks like it is here to stay!

5 Ways in Which Virtual Design Can Help

1.Upgrade Your Online Presence

First things first, before you start off with introducing virtual design, an interior designer needs to work on their online presence. Make sure your website has a proper portfolio picture, updated information, blogs etc. Keep a focus on adding pictures. Let your work do the talking. Visual images leave a big impact on people. So, make sure your digital footprint is strong to lure the prospects in.

2.Clients Can Actually See How It Looks

Are you tired of difficult clients who keep changing the color scheme? With virtual design options, you can say bye-bye to this headache. With it, the client can see different color options without too much extra effort on your part. Similarly, with the rest of the things like furniture, light fixtures etc., the client can see how the entire house will look virtually without it actually happening.
3.Changes can be made in real time

Yes, there are clients who realize things aren’t looking quite right once you are finished designing their space(s). Those petty little changes again and again waste your time, money and effort. But, with virtual design, interior designers can easily change and manipulate things without much effort. Moreover, the client can even make endless changes until they arrive at the one which suits them and their budget.

4.Use 3D Programs to Design

It is important to give the client a real feeling of how their space with look. That is not always easily accomplished virtually because when visiting a place in person, you can FEEL the space. As interior designers, you should use tools which can make the virtual experience as good as REAL. 3D and 4D tools can make your project so life-like that it gives the feel needed to satisfy the client.

5.Quick Feedback

Another advantage is the quick feedback you and the client both can give one another. There are no interruptions and the client can easily tell you what changes they need. The client feels more in control even though in traditional designing everything is approved by the client too. With virtual design clients can feel this control as well.

These are just a few of the ways virtual design can help your interior design business. If you want to learn more visit our blog on e-design. Our next webinar is on How To Effectively Work Virtual Design into Your Business Mode. If you missed this webinar, check out our resource library for a recording.


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