January 15

Is It Time to Remodel Your Interior Design or Remodeling Business Website?

Many of the remodeling and interior design companies today have some level of online presence. With a long list of things to do, keeping customers satisfied, completing projects on time, maintaining quality of work and managing your workforce, analyzing whether your website is good or bad, can be a little challenging.

But the fact remains that in today’s digital era, a website is definitely the most important sales and marketing tool for every remodeling company out there. If potential customers cannot find you on a search engine page, you do not exist for them. So, there is a need for constant improvement and remodeling of the website.

5 Things to Note in Your Remodeling Website

Let’s look at some important questions that you need to focus on in order to know whether your remodeling website is effective enough or it requires some revamping efforts.

1. Is It Visually Attractive?

A remodeling business website must be beautiful to look at. It must showcase some of your best projects with a large picture gallery. The visual look should be able to say a lot about your work and skills. People coming on your website will get their first impression of your style and remodeling expertise through this look.

So, you must have a graphically appealing homepage.
2. Is It Fast and Functional?

Website speed is not just a ranking factor but it is also very important for retaining a first time visitor. If your website is too heavy and takes lots of time to load, people will leave without actually having a look at it. It is therefore important to keep an eye on this technical but much essential component.
3. Is It Mobile-Friendly and Search Engine Optimized?

According to the latest research and statistics, mobile web surfing numbers are much higher than desktop usage. It is hence very important to make your website mobile-friendly and optimized for search engines.

A good website designer and developer can help you make your website optimized for mobile usage and rank higher on search engine pages.
4. Does it Showcase Your Brand Effectively?

Being the website of an interior design or remodeling company, you must have an aesthetically appealing design with attractive color schemes with the latest technological innovations. Your website should be able to create a strong brand position and create an everlasting impact on the visitor.

Keeping in mind your audience and potential clientele come up with an attractive and pleasing logo that reflects your company ideology perfectly.
5. Is Your Contact Information Up to Date?

Although a website can say a lot about your work and company, most prospects still find it easier to talk directly to a company representative or visit the office personally. Make sure your website has the latest phone numbers and updated address of your office and business locations.
6. Do You Have a Good About Us Page?

People looking to hire a remodeling company need to develop a certain level of trust and for that reason, they research a lot about the company. Having a well written about us page with company info, employee skills and expertise, experiences, past projects, and details of products and services is a must.

The Verdict

If the answers to the above questions are mostly vague or negative, then you must think about remodeling your website. However, if you believe that your website has all the above mentioned characteristics, then you are good to go!

When you are ready to discuss remodeling your website get in touch with our team so we can get your website optimized. We are here to help and schedule a strategy session if you want to learn how we can help grow your business. 


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