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Marketing Strategies to Consider in 2022

As we enter 2022 and the world is still going through the spread of the different strands of the COVID-19 virus, the interior design and remodeling industry has been significantly impacted by the pandemic. This industry witnessed radical shifts in consumer needs and preferences. Accommodating pandemic influenced changes in homes and office setups, remodeling businesses surged. But supply chain challenges are a key hurdle in completing orders.

Not slowing down, these shortages are causing delays and other operational problems in the industry. With the growing spike in the market demand prevalent in the post-vaccination situation, companies are struggling to get the goods and services out to buyers. This tight supply scenario is predicted to continue in the year 2022 as well. In addition, companies will also be facing another shift in clients’ needs and preferences.

As you start working on your marketing plan for 2022, make sure to incorporate these considerations for higher chances of strategy effectiveness.

1. Know Your Audience and Create Specific Content for Intelligently Segmented Markets

First, you must understand your audience in order to develop a strategy to attract them. In the wake of the changing pandemic environment, the consumer is also changing preferences. Niche down to be the solution provider for what they want. Narrowing your niche might mean a smaller prospective client pool, but they will be easier to cater to. Once you have satisfied a smaller niche, they will bring in new leads and referrals from other segments. Use discovery sessions and take active client inputs for updated information on what exactly the clients want. Having one or two specialized products or services will help you take off better rather than having too many things on your hand. 

2. Do Not Let the Growth of the Social Media Outshine the Need for a Good Website

With so much going on in the world of social media, many interior designers go over the top about its effectiveness. Thinking that you do not need a website in this time of social networking is a big misconception prevalent in the industry.
You should not fully and solely rely on social media platforms for your marketing and lead generation. It will not only be risky but will also make you lose out on potential growth in your potential client base. Growing your brand and strengthening your client requires setting up a well-designed, user-friendly, and fully functional website.

3. Email Marketing Can Still Reap Benefits

Having been around for decades now, email might have faded its glory in the social networking world, but it is still quite beneficial in the professional setups. With social media marketing evolving continuously, the list of features and the change in algorithms is altering all the time. Keeping pace with this evolution and making sure that your message reaches your audience can be a little challenging. Email marketing still is the most direct digital way of reaching out to your potential clients. It has no specific algorithms to work around, no limitations of content, and no regulations, just avoid spamming. You can send your own personalized message in any way you want. The connection is much more in-depth and direct.

4. Develop an Effective Content Strategy

If you already have a blog on your website, chances are that you are following the right pattern for attracting clients. But there are some digitally naïve designers and remodeling business owners, who simply have a blog because it is “nice to have one on your website”.  They do add content regularly, but just because “everyone else is doing the same”. In 2022, you need to re-organize your content and reconsider what you want to publish.

5. Expand Your Social Media Outreach

Although, as already mentioned, social media is a difficult to manage marketing tool, if you get it right, you can surely reap great benefits. A very large percentage of the potential clients of interior design and remodeling companies are social media users. They make use of social media for a significant amount of time on a daily basis. In fact, many technology-savvy clients like to shop for products and find services employing social media tools. Small businesses as well as large ones, should take advantage of these variable platforms in the virtual. In 2022, every business should enhance its social media presence. Not only focusing on the most prominent networks like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube but should also diversify towards other popular apps like Instagram, Snapchat, and WhatsApp.

6. Build New Audiences from Existing Ones

Starting anything from scratch can be tiresome. The same goes for increasing your audience and client base. If you are new at a niche, why not begin your journey with a collaborative effort. Make strong partnerships with significant brands and influencers to have an impact on their audiences as well. 

For more information you can review our website and Resource Library section. If you have any questions or just want to speak with one of our professionals to learn more contact our office or schedule a strategy session to see how we can be of service. 


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