August 15

Marketing Tips to Consider When Starting Your Interior Design or Kitchen and Bath Remodel Business

As you all know, we all are living and operating in a digital age now. For every small and large business, it has become a necessity to remain relevant to your audience in your area of expertise.

Competition is fierce in the interior design and kitchen and bath remodeling industry. To fight for your place in this ever-changing and ever-growing niche, you must come up with a great marketing strategy and implement it as a basic need for your business.

Best 2020 Marketing Tips for Your Interior Design and Kitchen & Bath Business

We have compiled some useful marketing tips that can help you to make the right moves while starting your interior design or kitchen and bath remodeling business:

1. Build a Detailed Marketing Plan

Marketing strategy is about building the best way to inform your potential customers about your brand and your services. Before you jump into any marketing campaign, write your marketing strategy in detail.

Mention the goals and objectives you want to achieve through marketing your business and look for ways to help you accomplish those goals. An excellent marketing strategy is one where you can convince your audience that you are better than your competitors and they can trust you with everything you are offering.
2. Go for Organic SEO or PPC Services

To get your business listed on the search engine result pages, there are two ways to do so. The first way is going for SEO and put in efforts to rank your website on the search engines. The other way is to run paid Pay-Per-Click advertising campaigns to get traffic to your site or landing pages. If you are a small business with little budget for marketing, it’s best to work on organic SEO i.e. searching for the right keywords, optimizing the pages on your site, and providing a great user experience.
3. Diversify Your Marketing Platforms

While your marketing goals should be sharply focused, you should experiment with different marketing channels. As you are starting your interior design or kitchen and bath remodel business, never restrict yourself to just one platform because it will limit your growth. Utilize all the familiar channels like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Houzz. Build your profile on all these social media platforms because they are great for this industry and provide an affordable way to engage with your prospects.
4. Invest in Visual Content

Almost all social media audiences react strongly to visual content like videos, pictures, animations, and infographics. You can take benefit from visual content marketing and create eye-catching photos or videos of the projects you are working on or have completed. While you share the entire process from start to finish with your audience, it triggers their interest and they start engaging with your content asking questions and getting information about your services.
5. Do not Ignore Client Feedback or Reviews

Never take your clients’ reviews or feedback for granted. Remember, your clients are the driving force behind your business so what they say about your services should matter to you. Maintain a relationship of trust and transparency with them by responding to every comment, review, or feedback (positive or negative) you get regarding your services.

Pay attention to these tips and the marketing for your interior design or kitchen and bath remodel business will be a little less daunting. For additional starter marketing tips take a look at our article on 10 amazing online marketing tactics for the Interior Design or Kitchen and Bath Remodel Business Owner. This article along with other information in our resource library will help you better understand your target market, prepare your marketing plan and grow your business.


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