June 15

Podcast for Designers – Beginner’s Guide & Professional Tips by The Designer Discussions Team

To make sure you’re offering your podcast listeners exactly what they want, you’ll need to test, evaluate, edit, and improve. Test everything and make adjustments to your podcast marketing strategies depending on your findings.
We’ve chosen top trends in podcast marketing for designers that we believe will work in 2022 and beyond. Let’s get started!

1. Engage Your Audience
Although podcasting is a one-way medium, that does not imply you should disregard your listeners. If you want to create a successful podcast, you must actively engage your listeners. Include calls to action so that your listeners know what to do when they’ve finished listening to your podcast. Asking them to subscribe to your podcast, share it, or leave a review is one example. 

2. Use influencer marketing and partnerships 
The process of leveraging influencers to sell your podcast to new, related audiences is known as influencer marketing. Find an influencer with a similar audience to your target demographic and contact them. You can also seek collaborations and partnerships with other brands.

While reaching out to podcasters who cover similar themes may seem contradictory, keep in mind that podcasts may be consumed at any time—just because someone is listening to another podcast right now doesn’t imply they haven’t heard yours. Promo exchanges, content collaboration, co-hosting episodes, montage episodes, and more are all options for collaborating with other podcasters.

3. Your Podcast Content Can Be Repurposed
You can repurpose content to promote your episodes across social media platforms once you’ve published fresh episodes. Audiogram is one option, but there are a few additional ways for repurposing your content. Make a blog article to go along with your podcast episodes. Use the finest quotes from your episodes to create images. Make an infographic out of the main topics of your episode and make YouTube videos out of your podcast episodes.

To know more join us for Podcasting for Designers 101 webinar of the month on June 22, 2022. Jason, Mirjam and Maria from Designer Discussions are bringing some great tips and shortcuts. 


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