October 1

Systems & Processes in Design Business

Systems vs Processes
Systems in a design business may include interior design service, accounting system, marketing systems, SBUs and so on. Whereas, processes define road-map and definite steps you as a designer needs to take to help your clients reach next level in their project.

Importance of Systems & Processes
Why is this so important for a design business? How economically accurate are your systems and processes? Do they save you time? In order to answer all these questions, you need to start with a framework and hone in your style of work to develop your systems and processes. There is not enough historical data available to device systems and processes from scratch. You can look into other businesses to take motivation. Look around and see ways to improve your current systems and processes.

Are Your Systems & Processes As Good As Happy Meals?
McDonalds serve you same taste every time. It is reflected in the consistency of their systems and processes. Keep your systems and processes simple and repeatable. Having your systems and processes in place will make you more creative and your client happier. This can free up your mental space to focus on other things. Having systems and processes can help you bring in human resource that can replicate same results.

Should You Hire a Business Coach to Supervise Your Systems and Processes?
You as a designer might not be classically trained to manage those systems and business basics like licensure, office organization, trading group information etc. But good news is that you can be vulnerable and honest about your business with the coach you put your trust in. Coach can help you in deciding on good business practices by defining boundaries, ensuring accessibility and building confidence. Second opinion is important. A Coach can help you build your genius zone and business mindset.

What are top 3 basic systems to start with?
First and foremost condition is that you should be fully mindful of your design process. There are several processes that need your attention as priority including onboarding a client, writing a proposal, process of writing and signing contracts. You need to brain dump on a piece of paper and draw a framework. Project management templates like Persona can help you align your thoughts and task division strategy. Find your local ASID, AIA where your ideas are translated and discerned the way you want to convey. Secret takeaway is to jot down everything and create different binders for different processes in your biz.

What Business Transformations Can You Expect from Your Systems and Processes in Place?
Inviting freelancers, internees in your business can help you boost your progress. Persona templates help you assign tasks to your employees. You can trust people more when they are given right tools to do the project. You can have enough mental space to brainstorm and improve your biz processes like finding new income avenues. You can work more on your business. You can generate more business assets that are purchasable. If you want to sell your business, is it attractive enough? Systems and processes, well documented, increase worth and market of your business in buyers’ group.

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