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Top Bath Design Trends for 2021

As this year moves along, our homes are becoming our cocoons of relaxation and peace. People spend a large portion of their time at home with family, working from home, or studying from home. Every room and every corner of your living space has gained heightened importance. Bathrooms are no less a priority. With enhanced mindfulness of hygiene and cleanliness, we all want to design our bathrooms to be effective, practical, and yet aesthetically relaxing. Here are the Top Bathroom Design Trends for 2021.

Darker Color Themes

In 2020, we saw most of the bathroom designers remodeling their projects with shades of grey and whites. But this year, there is a change in color palette from light shades to darker color themes. Blacks, dark greens, and navy blues are gaining popularity when it comes to bathroom design and paints. Durability and long-lasting finish should always remain a top priority when choosing paints for your bathrooms. You can get more ideas on darker colors here.

Floating Vanities

Although they have been around for some time, their appeal and usefulness have doubled in 2021. Providing ample storage space and diversity in customization options, floating vanities are great for varying sizes of bathrooms. Mounted on the wall, they are available in a variety of styles and designs and offer a reasonably sized sink, countertop, and a storage area at the bottom. They are easy to clean and do not clog up your plumbing space.

Increased Storage Options

None of us likes to have messy countertops and over-crammed bathroom spaces. Designing your bathrooms to have compact cabinets, racks, and shelves for storage of toiletries and other household essentials has become a top trend in 2021. Keeping your bathrooms neat and tidy, this enhanced storage helps reflect simplicity and minimalism, ideal for relieving stress and keeping your bathroom clutter-free.

Backlit Mirrors

Adding up new mirrors is an essential part of bathroom renovations. Most designers suggest the use of backlit mirrors that do well with different themes and varying size bathrooms. The lighted models of these innovative fixtures provide better ambiance and a glare-free view of yourself. Its backlit vision gives the image of a floating mirror, which is aesthetically quite appealing as well.

Bathtubs and Showers

With people looking for more relaxation at home, the need for separate showers and soaking bathtubs has become more essential. If you have an appropriately sized bathroom, then the trend is to go all out for large showers. For smaller options, there are space-saving soaking tubs that require less water and less space usage.  

Heated Floors

One of the growing trends in the current era is heated bathroom floors. Comfortable in the colder regions of the world, they help enhance your bathroom experience and let you relax without feeling cold. Underfloor heating systems are compatible with different types of flooring materials including tiles, vinyl, wood, and concrete. Making your bathroom floors warm and soothing, they can add that much-needed luxury to your fast-moving lives.

These trends can help you better develop your bathroom design this year. For more information check out our Resource Library for additional resources and marketing tips. Feel free to contact us or schedule a strategy session so we can better understand you business and show you how we can help grow your business and your brand.  


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