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Top Kitchen Design Trends for 2021

One portion of our homes that has been working very hard for the past year, is the kitchen. With almost every one of us spending more and more time at home, the importance of this vital essential space in the home has become even more important. Adapting to the new way of living and entertaining, the kitchens of 2021, need to serve multiple functions rather than just acting as a cooking space for the occupants.

People spend most of their time in the kitchen areas not just cooking but mingling with family members, working from home, taking online classes, and even in some cases entertaining close friends and guests. To make your kitchens multifunctional and adaptive to the latest lifestyle needs of the world, here are the top kitchen design trends for 2021.

Compact and Minimalistic

Using the kitchen to fulfill various needs, you need to keep it compact and streamlined. Too many objects and too much clutter here and this can restrict your movement and activities within the given space. No matter how small or big your kitchen space is, use it to maximize your efficiency and minimize the clutter. The layout should be designed keeping in mind the multifunctional role your kitchen has to perform.

Increased Storage

With lifestyles and shopping trends changing in the world, you need to stock up on food supplies and develop a household inventory. Having additional storage within your pantry in the kitchen is a must for 2021. Having one wall fully installed with cabinets and storage boxes helps enhance the storage options, reduces clutter on the counters, opens the space, and streamlines the layout of your kitchen. Tall elongated cabinets are a great way to utilize corners and small areas of your kitchen.
Get Organizing ideas and storage options. 

Islands and Sitting Areas

If your kitchen has space, having an island can double the space for work. You can use it for doing your prep work for cooking, install a hob or stove in it or simply use it for dining and working from home. Islands can also be designed to have storage space inside them for better utility. You can get several island design ideas from the world of interior designing and remodeling.

Calm Colors and Relaxing Tones

Most people love to have dark-colored cabinetry and storage in their kitchen. Matching their color schemes in two tones that contrast is very popular among homeowners. However, as the trend of staying home and working from home is increasing, interior designers suggest the use of serene colors for walls and calmer shades on cabinets. Impacting the moods and emotions of people positively, you need to reinvigorate your family space with soft and gentle hues that introduce the calming potentials in your kitchens. You can check out tips and ideas for some great color advice.

Free-Standing and Portable Furniture

A great way to utilize your kitchen effectively and increase its efficiency is by using free-standing furniture pieces here and there. Providing you additional seating capacity that can be moved around as per your needs and requirements. 

These trends can help you better develop your kitchen design this year. For more information check out our Resource Library for additional resources and marketing tips. Feel free to contact us or schedule a strategy session so we can better understand you business and show you how we can help grow your business and your brand.  


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