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Top Marketing Channels Design & Remodeling Companies Should Be Using in 2022

Importance of several digital marketing channels has increased over the last decade while some have lost their scope. Prioritizing digital marketing over traditional marketing is essential for the success of your design business. In this blog, we’ll help you learn how to break down online marketing to get valuable insights about your customers.  

Categories of Digital Marketing Channels

A general classification of different marketing channels help businesses decide the roadmap for their marketing strategy. 
B2B Marketing Channels: Website and blogging include backlinks and reputation reviews. 
B2C Marketing Channels: Paid ads, especially on holiday seasons sale deals, get great traction for design businesses. 
Marketing Channels for Sales: Networking using LinkedIn Sales Navigator can get you warm leads. 
Marketing Channels for Brand Promotion: Video Marketing is the most popular tool these days for promoting yourself and your company as a creative brand.  

Top Marketing Channels for Design/Remodel Industry

1. Content Marketing:

Content is King! But first step is to define your target audience. It takes the great amount of deal to navigate through different avatars in your customer groups and penning down their priorities to be included in your content. 
Thought Leadership Content: Nurture relationship with your leads and target multiple formats including articles, infographics, case studies, guides, e-books etc. 

Tip: Use the website answerthepublic.com to find what your audience is trying to search and create your content accordingly. 

2. Social Media:

Map out your posts and align them according to your client avatars. What color pallets they prefer, what designs they are looking for, what ‘how to do’ videos and infographics carousels they want to see in their newsfeed, align all these social tactics to your season based content calendar. 

Tip: Use a platform like zoho.com/social to schedule all your posts for the week/month on different platforms to save yourself time.

3. Website & Blogging: 

When it comes to websites and blogging, the two work in parallel; blogging helps you generate brand awareness, drive traffic to your website and convert leads. It helps you establish yourself as a source of authority. When you create your blogs with SEO in mind, you’re even more likely to meet your marketing standards of website ranking by bots and SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages ). 

Tip: Use the website answerthepublic.com to find out what people are typing into search, so you can blog about what people want to know. Use gtmetrix.com to check your website speed, since this is one of the search engine’s ranking factors. Also, learn areas you can optimize now.

Want to know more? We have a webinar on ‘Top 10 Marketing Channels Design & Remodeling Companies Should Be Using in 2022’. Go check it out for some amazing tips to get your foot into the digital world. 


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