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Ways COVID-19 will Impact the Future of Interior Design & Remodeling Businesses in 2021

The year 2020 has undoubtedly become one of the most challenging years of the current century. The rise and spread of the COVID–19 pandemic have brought several drastic changes in the way we live and run our lives.

One thing that has been strongly highlighted through this unprecedented outbreak is the enhanced importance of staying at home. As homes and apartments become the epicenter of all our activities, it does not only change the way we live in them but also the way we need to design and remodel them.

Although we are hoping that this pandemic will not last forever, it will still have a deep prolonged impact on our lives. So, there is an essential need to change the way we design our homes and living areas to meet the needs of the growing challenges. Every home should be able to offer utility, comfort, and a high quality of life. Attractive design and the physical outlook are important, but functionality and convenience have become vital.

The National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) compiled a report on the subject of “Design Trends in 2021”. This report highlights the ways COVID 19 will impact interior design and remodeling of homes in the coming years. The findings of the report are based on a thorough online survey that was conducted by the NKBA in the American and Canadian regions. The survey respondents included a mix of designers, showroom owners and dealers, remodeling specialists, manufacturers, construction contractors, and architects. We did a blog in June on this very topic, “5 Ways COVID-19 will Impact the Interior Design & Remodel Industry”. This article is an update on that blog with assistance from the NKBA report and its findings.

In this article, you will read about the anticipated influences of COVID–19 on the way interior design and home remodeling trends will evolve in 2021 based on the given report.

So, let’s have a look!

More People are Looking to Remodel or Redesign Their Existing Homes

Understanding the importance of good interior design of your homes, more and more people are interested in improvising their current homes to make them suitable for various purposes and better living. Apartments and homes were once considered as a retirement place where you return to, every night, just to put your head down. No one expected to spend so much time at home being quarantined or in a lockdown situation. Because of the apparent financial downfall owing to the current situation, people would rather prefer to remodel their existing homes instead of buying a new one. People are looking for ways and designs, which can enhance the utility, comfort, and convenience of your existing homes.

Need for Increased Functional Areas For Work and Study

During the lockdown situation the world has witnessed many lifestyle changes, one of which is working from home and schooling at home. Every household now needs a specifically dedicated area for a small home office or where kids can pursue their online classes. There is a need for safe storage, bookshelves, a working desk, and a room that has no disturbances or noises. People are looking for areas within the home like the kitchen and living room where they can easily plug in their laptops and connect to virtual meetings along with other cloud technologies.

Need for Larger Storage Areas

In the future, people are looking to remodel and redesign their homes to have larger storage spaces where excess groceries, lifestyle supplies, toiletries, and even office stationery and files can be stored. Staying home for longer durations means you won’t be going out much. So, your in-house requirements for larger pantries, bigger refrigerators, and freezers are growing, so you would not have to go shopping again and again. The increased storage space is more preferred in kitchens and bathroom areas.

Easy To Clean Surfaces

Although the need for having clean and hygienic homes has been around since forever, it has become much more vital in the current COVID-19 era. With less help around, everyone is looking to clean and sweep their homes themselves.

People all around the world want their homes to have easy to clean and easy to sanitize surfaces. For this purpose, they are willing to remodel their homes and change their furnishings and fixtures to have simple finishes that are resistant to various cleaning agents, antibacterial liquids, and sanitizers that contain ammonia and alcohol. Preferences for objects made from natural materials that restrict the growth of bacteria and micro-organisms are on the rise.

Enhanced Need for Having Outdoor Living Areas

Surveying thousands of people from various walks of life and backgrounds, the NKBA has found that a very large number of people are now looking for better organized and larger outdoor living areas in their homes.
As the COVID–19 pandemic spread, people were restricted to their home, and outdoor and other entertainment activities like going to public parks, festivals, concerts, restaurants, and family get-togethers were all banned.

Therefore, people want to have relaxed large outdoor areas in their residence to have a good time while staying at home. Additional demand for outdoor kitchens, BBQ areas, decks and patios, pools and spas, balconies, and rooftop terraces is much anticipated in the coming years.

Technology Driven Comfort

Living in an era of digitalization and smart devices, technology plays a vital role in our daily living. Whether you are working from home, taking online classes, cooking, or indulging in entertainment activities, technology and devices are important aspects of how we live. The need for incorporation of the latest gadgets, electronic appliances, and uninterrupted technology-driven comfort is on the rise in homes and apartments.

To Wrap It Up

Designers, architects, remodelers, and interior designers anticipate a substantial impact of COVID–19 on the upcoming trends and customer needs of the industry. With a large number of people spending more time at home, people now are willing to invest larger amounts in re-designing and remodeling their homes. They are looking for living areas that are much more comfortable, easy to manage and clean, multifunctional, and have better storage solutions.

The demand for entertainment and outdoor living areas is also on the rise in the market. The industry players need to keep in mind these projections and anticipated changes in customer needs and requirements. Capitalizing on these design influences can turn this otherwise challenging situation into a productive opportunity for the industry. 

KABMS has developed several Coronavirus Resources to help the interior design and remodeling industry. Take a look at our COVID-19 Resources page here to gain access to a marketing guide and resource guide to help you through this pandemic. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us so one of our professionals can get your questions answered or schedule a strategy session to learn how we can help you through this pandemic.


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