TTT 3 Consulting

23 Quality "In-Market" Leads In The First 60 Days & $415,837 In New Business generated In The First Six Months (21:1 Return On Ad Spend)

This client of TTT3 is a large franchise remodelling company in Atlanta, GA. This client wanted to increase their local relevance in their service areas, increase rankings, get more leads, and make more money for the first two quarters of 2022.

TTT3 comes to us when they have design or remodelling projects that need marketing assistance. The companies they work with have tried marketing companies in the past that did not work and they are looking for more specialized help.

TTT3 helps the company with areas beyond marketing which include Media Relations, Corporate Communication and Project Management. Whenever they work with companies in the design and remodelling space they use our company to help them with marketing strategies, Public Relations and lead generation efforts.


We established a process for getting this remodelling client consistent leads and increasing their ROI and ROAS by close to 20:1 where they were getting 5:1 before us. We used a number of techniques (SEO, PPC, Social Media, not sure if you want to mention process used) to increase organic traffic to the site by executing action items provided from our 90-day project tracker such as On-Page and Off-Page SEO, Local SEO Strategy, Content Ideation, and Technical SEO.

On the ads side we used our unique processes to increase the click through rate on their ads and conversions. After two months of working with them we generated 23 quality leads from their website organically. With their average close rate of 33%, and an average sale amount of $70,000.00, we generated an additional $415,800.00 dollars in business. This continued for several months at this same pace until they had enough business for the year and needed to dial down the strategy. 

TTT 3 Consulting

Marketing Consulting

Short Term Results
23 quality In-Market leads in the first 60 days

Long Term Results
$415,800 dollars in new business generated in the first six months

Tenille T Terry
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