Customer Relations Management (CRM)

A Customer Relations Management System or CRM, is a platform that allows a business to establish and cultivate relationships with clients and prospects in order to drive sales for long-term profitability. In addition a CRM platform collects client data to provide insights that will inform strategies to make better business decisions. Those better business decisions will in turn lead to less stress and money saved.

As prospects become more sophisticated and design savvy they ultimately search for services where the business understands their needs and are more responsive to their particular situation.

With this in mind, it is necessary for interior designers and kitchen and bath remodel businesses to personalize interactions with their clients in order to be competitive. Several studies show that when surveyed people believe time and engagement are the most important thing they look at when considering a service good and worth the cost. I have several clients that can attest to this. Those businesses that have good relationships with their clients and engage with them on a regular basis see a higher retention rate and more referrals then those that don’t.

We have partnered with a leading small business CRM provider to offer our clients access to their system at special pricing. To learn more about this system contact us or schedule a strategy session to learn more.

Key features of a good Customer Relations Management System (CRM) for interior designers and kitchen and bath remodel companies - Kitchen & Bath Marketing Solutions

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