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Brief Company Description: Euro Design Build is the recognized leader in home design, build and remodels, with specialties in whole home remodeling, bathroom remodeling, home additions and kitchen remodeling in Dallas, Plano, Frisco and surrounding areas in Texas. To learn more click here.

​Owners: Melinda and Seval Dzinic

Selected Projects:

Tell us about Euro Design Build

Can you tell us a little about Euro Design Build and how you got started? Euro Design Build, started about 23 years ago, as a construction company trying to help the refugees that migrated over from the former republics of Yugoslavia. These were certified and trained, very experienced craftsmen who, as a result of being introduced into this culture suddenly not of their own will and choice, but they are here as a safe place. My husband and I decided to actually open a construction company to help these people earn a living, doing what they love to do. What I loved about it more than anything at the time, was not only were we going to help out the craftsmen that needed to make a living in a new world, but the clients that we would serve would actually benefit from the quality of work that we were actually bringing and providing them. So, it seemed like a perfect marriage. Once a few years had gone by, we realized that this was a business that was actually near and dear to my heart, going back to my childhood years, actually, my most meaningful memories of my childhood and who I am today started around a kitchen table with my grandmother and what it took to actually be part of that family and preparing the meal and what she taught me. So, it became pretty natural and easy for me to actually focus them all of our attention to specialty in kitchens and, of course, bathrooms almost came in as a second as a natural choice. So that’s who we are and how we got started. So, we love what we do, and we kind of focused on kitchens and bathrooms as our vehicle to making a difference, a meaningful difference in the clients that we serve.

What differentiates Euro Design Build

What differentiates Euro Design Build from other Design and Remodeling Companies? What’s really unique to Euro Design Build is that we employ a full time employees, a group of caring craftsmen and designers. So having on staff carry a community, a team of designers and craftsmen that actually work together, not just to plan a project, but to execute that project. And then we partner with our clients to help them visualize the space that they’ve always wanted and then provide them with the guidance, advice, transparency that they need that’s rarely offered in the construction industry today. Then, of course, the other is we have a proven process, step by step process that ensures that the work that we’re going to do can be repeatable from one project to the next. And as the years have gone on, Jason, we’ve just continued to perfect that process so that we can become better and better. And I’m probably more proud of that than I am of anything else. So, I think that’s what sets us apart from everyone else.

What do you love most about what you do

What do you love most about the work you do at Euro Design Build? What I love most about what we do is the true change that we make on the most important part of someone’s home, which is their kitchen. I truly believe that the kitchen is the heart of the home. It is where life is celebrated and to be able to work with clients one on one to find out how did they live. What’s wrong with what they currently have and what does it take to get it fixed so that they don’t have to continue living with pain. As I’d like to say it, most people are always inspired to eliminate pain because it hurts, it doesn’t feel good. I want to find out what is their most critical pain, and then where do they find joy, so that we could actually combine that, eliminate the pain, bring in the joy, and then create a space that is celebrated. It’s a celebration of our success, and it is achieving that end result when you see that client whose lives you have affected and the other thing that I truly love about this business, and maybe it’s because I’m getting older, but it is about aging in place and creating a safe space for people that are in their late 50s, in their 60s and 70s who want to actually remain at home because that’s where they’ve spent their life and created all of their memories. Who wants to be taken from a place they have built for themselves and then taken to a holding place before they die? That in itself signifies the end of life. And what I would like is to empower them to believe that they have a minimum of another 50 years to go. And may that be better quality than what it was before?

What is most challenging about what you do

What do you find most challenging about the work you do? The most challenging work is probably working with clients who don’t know what they want and are not willing to take accountability for not knowing what they want. And so, expecting miracles where miracles can’t be delivered. That’s probably the most difficult part. Or a client that thinks that they know more than we do and how I actually define that, unfortunately, had to decline a project that was very it could have been lucrative for us, and it definitely would have satisfied my need for making people happy. Love the clients. They’re wonderful people, but they don’t know when they were actually requesting specific things that be done, and they kept insisting and reiterating. They were questioning our ability to perform and deliver. And when you see that, you second guess yourself, are you going to be able to truly make these people happy? And if you can’t do, you walk away and give someone else an opportunity who might be better equipped to hear what they want. And that’s important to me. So, it’s not about taking every project that comes your way. It’s really reading that client to find out. Do you have what it takes to make them happy? Because if you don’t, you’re going to be miserable. And that’s what I’m trying to avoid. So that’s the part I don’t like is when I don’t read the client properly, and then my team and I are both subjected to misery for the duration of the project.

How has working with KABMS benefitted Euro

How has working with Kitchen & Bath Marketing Solutions benefitted your company? I don’t know how I can express this other than it was with a joyful heart. I have been in the business for 23 years, and it was 22 years before I actually met you, Jason. And when I heard you speak at that KBIS event that we were doing, you actually spoke to my heart. And this is what rang true till this day. And I am reminded of this almost every month when I meet with you guys, you speak our language. And so, to have a marketing company where the principal of the company has had the training in architecture, in kitchen and bathroom, in residential or commercial, in a particular industry that you’re so immersed in is key and instrumental to your success. Prior to you and your company, I’ve spent an enormous amount of money. I’m ashamed to even say it because I was led to believe that SEO is where the money was and where the future was. And so, I was busy looking for the right SEO company. And I think I changed three prior to actually coming to you and they spoke their own SEO Google language, but that Google language was not coded properly for my success. So therefore, we’ve received nothing, to have experts within the industry that know Google know the industry that you’re in is a completely different level of success that you can experience. So having you and your team what you have done, you’ve brought us to the forefront of our industry, and it’s the work that you have been able to key in on the back end of Google so that we are in the forefront of the right client because you know how to communicate and reach that client. It has truly been an awakening. And I don’t know how to tell you, thank you enough, because every single week or a month that I meet with you guys, the conversations are easier and easier. I feel like I’m talking to my best friend. Because I know you guys hear the words that I’m using, and I’ve never had that before. So, if you break that down to any business, do you want to speak with somebody about something so special and so important is your marketing to someone that doesn’t speak your language? Do you want to talk to somebody that knows it intimately? And here’s a word and can carry a ten steps forward? That’s what I have gotten from working with your company, Kitchen & Bath Marketing Solutions. One more thing that I think is critical. I think your company Kitchen & Bath Marketing Solutions because you are in the industry, you know, the weak lengths of our industry, the pitfalls, and you have aligned yourself with key people who have solutions where it hurts the most. So, I’ve come to look at you as an ally and a partner within our business versus a company that does our marketing.

Any advice for your younger self

What advice would you give new business owners looking to grow or what advice would you have given your younger self just starting out? My advice would be to start creating a detailed process for everything that you do, and then as you go through it, make as many mistakes as you can learn from them. First, own up to them, then figure out what caused it and what can you do better next time. Better yet, if you can find a mentor who’s already successful and develop a relationship to learn as much as you can. And then finally, it all ends with a satisfied and happy client, and it’s really important that when you interview your client, that you and that client speak the same language, make sure that you have what it takes to be able to meet their needs. Just because it’s a client, it doesn’t mean that it’s the right one for you. We all have special gifts and talents and services we provide that we’re really good at that’s really what you need to focus on. Don’t be everything to everyone, be everything that you need to be to yourself and your family.

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