How to Improve Your Houzz Profile

​Houzz is one of the largest online platforms for photo-centric industries and businesses like kitchen & bath remodeling, home building, residential architects and interior designers. If you are into home remodeling, interior styling, and architectural design, Houzz is the best place to build an authority for your brand, engage with your clients, and generate leads as well as sales.

Having a great-looking profile on Houzz increases the credibility of your business and enhances your visibility in organic search results. Here’s how you can create an attention-gaining, welcoming, and informative profile on Houzz:

5 Tips to Improve Your Profile on Houzz
1. Choose a Good Profile & Cover Photo

Your profile picture and cover photo is the first thing that a person notices on Houzz. From directories, discussions, to Houzz community, they represent you everywhere. So, it is recommended to use your business logo or the professional picture of the owner of the company as a profile picture. For the cover photo, as it is large in size and covers the top area of your profile, make sure to add the picture of your best work here. Keep on changing your cover photo from time to time with your latest work to stay up-to-date with the recent trends.
2. Upload High-Quality Pictures of Your Projects

Remember, the entire impression of your company is based on the photos you are using for your profile. That’s why never compromise on the quality of pictures. Hire a professional photographer or use good-quality cameras to capture before and after pictures of your projects. It’s a good idea to use the same dimensions for all your photos to maintain symmetry between photos on your profile.
3. Complete All the Sections of Your Profile

It’s not a good idea to leave any section of your profile empty. Utilize all the options that you have on Houzz to market your business in the best possible manner. Add your contact information, awards, reviews, badges, and projects to make the best use of this platform.
4. Keep Adding Content to Your Profile

Completing your profile and adding quality pictures is fantastic but your job is not finished there. In order to attract your potential clients and market your business, it’s essential to keep updating your profile regularly. Think of Houzz as another social media platform like Instagram, Facebook, Flickr, etc. The more you add new content on these platforms, the more your audience engages with you. The same is the case with Houzz. Add new pictures frequently as this will increase your chances of getting leads.
5. Interact with the Houzz Community

To be popular on Houzz, you’ll have to engage with the people there. There are millions of users on Houzz that share the same “home design” mindset. You can build a great network on this platform by keeping in touch with people related to your niche. Besides that, when Houzz users visit your profile, they browse different photos and ask you questions about them. Never ignore those questions and give a reply as soon as possible. Interacting with the Houzz community offers long-term benefits to your business.

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