How to Make the Clubhouse App Work for your Interior Design Business

As the age of social media and networking changed the way people communicate and do business, organizations have gained new horizons of marketing and promoting their products and services. With Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter being the leading names in social media marketing and networking, a new innovative app is making waves in the business world. The Clubhouse app is the next big thing in the world of business marketing and social networking.

What Is Clubhouse?

It is a free mobile app that allows people of similar likes and interests to get connected no matter where they are in the world. Unlike other social media apps, you can join this network by invitation only. You are only provided a certain number of invitations, so choose wisely. The application consists of rooms or groups that pertain to a certain subject or area of interest. Members can participate as audience or moderators. You can join in and use audio to convey your messages or conversations to other members of the group.

Importance of Clubhouse

This app is not just a medium of networking virtually but also provides a platform where experts in various fields get together and share their information and ideas with others. Business entrepreneurs, celebrities, investors, finance specialists, and many other types of knowledgeable professionals come together and showcase their expertise to like-minded people.
This app provides a social experience that is like a virtual event with audio only media. With its immensely growing popularity, it allows interior designers to massively promote their businesses and hold conversations with various stakeholders in the industry.

How can the clubhouse app help grow your interior design business?

Here are few ways you can use the Clubhouse app to grow your interior design brand recognition, target markets, and enhance your quality of leads.

1. Use a Professional Photo and create an impressive profile

Completing your profile is the first thing to do after you install the clubhouse app. Make sure to add a profile picture that is professionally suitable with your area of expertise. The profile should include your work experience, achievements, website address, email, and what you offer to the audience. The key is to include answers to who you are, what you do and why should a member follow you.

2. Search Engine Optimization of Bio

Make sure that like all other content on the internet your clubhouse profile is also optimized for search engines. The first sentence should have a good concentration of powerful keywords that people might search for in an interior design requirement or need. Add keywords related to home decor, remodeling, interior designing, and latest trends in your overall bio you make your profile rank higher on the search engine page.

3. Call to Action

For any interior designer providing a call to action is not very difficult. Clubhouse does not allow you to add clickable links, but you can add your own website URL or ask people to contact you through email or direct messages for info or advice through Instagram or Twitter (currently at the time of this writing). This is the best way to direct people towards your home decor products and interior design services.

4. Integration with Other Social Media Networks

Clubhouse provides its users an opportunity to grow organically by leveraging their number of followers towards other apps like Instagram and Twitter. It allows interior designers to maximize their visual presence in the virtual world of the internet and enhances the number of followers of your brands on various platforms.

5. Host a Room

If you have the knowledge and expertise of interior design and consider yourself an expert in the field, you can share this information with others as a consultant. The process is simple. You have to start your own room and become a host to share knowledge and ideas with others having the same interests. As a result of this, you are sure to attract people who might be interested in your products and services and willing to pay a price for the interior design advice that you provide to them.

6. Start a Club

Empowering you to do more and adding authority to your voice is easy on clubhouse. All you need to do is to start your own club in the field of interior design and home remodeling. By pre-scheduling a minimum of three rooms, you can become the founder of a club. With people of similar interests joining in, this is a very fast way of growing your followers and using them wisely as productive leads of your interior design businesses. You can make your clubs stand out by bringing in expert speakers and interior design specialists to leverage more traffic towards your website or business platform.

7. Products and Service Promotion

Clubhouse app provides an innovative and effective way to promote your interior design business and sell your services without spending a fortune on advertising. It is important to have a promotional plan of action. During your vocal conversations in rooms and clubs, make sure to highlight the name of your business and its products and services in between. You must include them in the beginning, in the middle section, and while ending each session. Your URL or call to action should also be part of your bio.

Final Thoughts

Clubhouse presents a lucrative opportunity for interior designers and home remodeling business owners for establishing themselves and their brands on a massive scale. With live events and productive conversations, you can promote and sell your products and services with greater efficiency and smart marketing tactics. The key is to grow organically and virtually and use these social media applications to enhance your business in real terms. 

These are just a few tips to help you get the most out of Clubhouse. We post new tips on a weekly basis so stay turned for more content and check out our resource library for additional trainings videos, webinars, and other helpful information. If you would like to chat with one of our experts to learn how we can help your business grow contact us or schedule a strategy session to learn more. 

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