How to Send Marketing Emails Like A Pro, for the Kitchen and Bath Remodel Industry

​We all receive emails that we immediately ignore, mark as spam, or delete altogether. Is this happening with your Kitchen and Bath Remodel business emails? If yes, you need to understand why.

Crafting an effective email marketing strategy is both an art and a science. To create high converting copy, you need to understand why your clients are not responding to your emails or even opening them in the first place.

Don’t worry! By the end of this article, you’ll get to know some pro tips to improve your email marketing campaign so you can get a higher open rate, more views and more leads. Let’s begin:

Top 5 Tips to Write Effective Email Marketing Copy

1. Write a Clickable Subject Line

Your subject line is the first and foremost thing that decides whether the audience will open your email, delete it, or even worse report it as spam. The best way to write a killer subject line is to keep it short and use power words to develop interest. Your email subject lines should inspire recipients to take action. In order to do this, you can use cliffhangers to motivate readers so that they can open and click on your emails.

2. Create Curiosity through Preview Text

Preview text is super important. The more enticing your preview text is, the higher the open rates you’ll get for your email copy. The most common mistake that email marketers make is that they totally neglect the pre-header space. Utilizing this space effectively by developing curiosity among your readers leads to a significant increase in open and engagement rates. So, learn to optimize your preview text as well as subject line for making your email marketing campaign successful.

3. Send Short and To-the-Point Emails

In this modern era, everyone’s busy with an inbox full of emails. So, why add to your reader’s problems by sending long and unnecessary emails? Today, short and concise emails perform better than long and ambiguous emails that lack focus. To make your email copy compelling, keep it precise and focus on the important message by using the right words. If your message is a bit longer, break the email in different segments to provide visual breaks to the recipients.

4. Personalize Your Emails

The best way to write killer email copy is to keep it natural. Personalize your emails in a way that builds an emotional connection with your audience. In this way, they know they’re getting emails from a human not a robot and will enjoy reading your message. There are several email marketing tools available that allow you to use a short code for adding the recipient’s name while sending the emails. You can make use of those tools to give a personal touch to your emails.

5. Perform A/B Testing on Your Email Copy

A/B testing is the holy grail of email marketing. It is the only method that removes confusion from your marketing strategy and provides you a clear roadmap of what’s working and what needs to be improved. Always test different versions of your emails to improve your email writing approach and get better results.

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