How to Wisely Use Pinterest in Your Interior Design and Remodeling Business

Pinterest is a digital library of your business images within a virtual platform. It is very advantageous for interior designers and home remodelers because it helps in the creation and sharing of your aesthetic works and innovative ideas with potential clients using a digital catalog of images. Here are some ways on how to wisely use Pinterest in your interior design and remodeling business.

Be Organized

For optimum output, you need to wisely use the Pinterest boards and sub-boards feature and categorize every post with suitable headings and subheadings. With advanced controlling mechanisms to organize your uploaded images, you can arrange your imagery for clarity, target accuracy, and aesthetic lucidity.

Use the Power of SEO

No online presence is of any use if it is not searchable by your potential clientele. With limitations of not recognizing hashtags, only Pinterest descriptions lead the SEO mechanisms. Therefore to make your posts stand out and rank high on the SERPs, it is important to designate each pin with a prominent heading and relevant effective description.

Do Not Forget Brand Reinforcement

Make sure to align your Pinterest efforts and posts with your original brand and logo. Using fonts and formats that match your brand design and theme you can enhance brand awareness and recognition without having to do explicit advertising. Select a given aesthetic theme or style for your posts and pins and follow it with consistency.

Post Original and New Content Regularly

For interior designers and remodelers, the originality and newness of their content are very important. Social media savvy clients are quick to lose interest if they realize that you are posting the same old content on a variety of platforms again and again. You need to remain updated, with the latest content that is unique and attractive.

Showcase Your Projects and Processes

The success of Interior Design and remodeling is hugely dependent on their standards of services. By using Pinterest for showcasing your photographic stories of projects and creative works, you can effectively engage with clients and provide reliable evidence of your exceptional quality services.

Use High-Quality Imagery

To attract and impress your target audience, it is best to post images and pictures that are of high quality and professional photographic calibration. This effort will ensure to positively reflect your company’s professionalism and excellent quality outputs.

Utilize Promoted Pins

Appearing regularly in the home feed and search results of the users, these specialized pins can be purposely directed and targeted to your relevant audience. This is a great tool to reach out to the right target market which has higher chances of becoming productive leads and generating sales.

Link Back with Your Website or Blog

By posting pins and images that link back to your company’s blogs and websites, you provide the audience an opportunity to become prospects and make sales. Make sure to link every image carefully and use them wisely to generate traffic for your interior design and home remodeling website
These are just a few tips on using Pinterest to promote your business. For additional information on using Pinterest and other social media platforms in marketing and promoting your business visit our social media marketing tips page. Also take a look at our resource library for additional marketing tips. If you want to  speak with one of our professionals contact us or schedule a strategy session so we can help you grow your business. 

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