How Video Marketing Can Help Your Interior Design or Kitchen and Bath Remodel Business

​If you are a smart designer or remodeler, you know that marketing can be a great source to generate leads and sales for your business. There are several different forms and types of marketing that interior designers and kitchen and bath remodeling businesses use. Among all, video marketing comes at the top because people love to consume video content these days.

If you can manage to come up with a professional video shoot in high resolution, this greatly helps you to explain your products and services to your audience in an engaging format that will make your business stand apart from its competitors. Video marketing serves as a powerful tool to increase your company’s client base.

Top 5 Benefits of Using Video Marketing for Your Business

Let’s have a look at how video marketing helps your business grow in 2020:

1. Provides Your Business a Personality

The kind of videos you share on your social media or your business website somehow build a personality for your brand. Ranging from quality, content, animations to the voice over you use for your videos. It all helps to create an impression among your audience about your brand. So, the tricky part of video marketing is to come up with a careful strategy to avoid portraying a vague image for your brand.

2. Boosts Sales and Conversions

Did you know placing a video on your landing page/website can boost conversions by up to 80%? Yes, that’s true. Video content converts and moves prospects more than any other form of content. This is because people feel that online videos, like video testimonials and demo videos about products or services they are interested in give them more confidence to make a purchase.

3. Helps to Convey Information Efficiently

Video marketing offers you a great chance to connect with your audience in a better way by telling your unique story, talking about your products, and showing your customers reviews to them. Sharing videos about your products and services on different social media channels is a surefire way to get the attention of potential customers. Just put in a bit of effort and encourage your audience to interact on your videos and create a highly engaging community.

4. Brings Traffic to Your Site

Interior design and Kitchen and bath remodeling companies that use video content experience on average a 41% increase in website traffic compared to companies that do not use videos. Posting videos regarding your business and then adding a call-to-action at the end providing a link to your website can bring a lot of quality traffic to your site.

5. Improves SEO

Remember, search engines love videos. Your website is likely to rank on the first 3 pages of search engines if it has an embedded video in it. However, it is important to do proper SEO of your video to see beneficial results. Add catchy titles, proper Meta description, and the right tags to optimize your marketing videos for better search engine rankings.

These are just a few benefits to using video marketing to grow your business and build your brand. When you start to incorporate video into your marketing efforts take a look at our article on the 10 mistakes to avoid in video marketing to make sure you are using best practices and not wasting your time of money. If you need additional help when it comes to video marketing give our team a call or schedule strategy session to see how we can best be of service.

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