Instagram 2021 Algorithm Breakdown Guide for Interior Designers & Remodelers

Wondering how to get your interior design and remodeling content seen on Instagram?

This is a key question in almost every business owner’s mind using social media as a marketing tool. Instagram Algorithm is a set of basic rules and codes that control the organic reach of your content on the virtual platform. The changing algorithms of Instagram affect almost every brand and company that utilizes this platform to showcase its products and services. In this article, we provide the latest Instagram 2021 algorithm breakdown guide for interior designers and remodelers. Here are six essential factors that make up the Instagram Algorithm and control how the content will be ranked on the platform.


Looking at your account’s past activity, the platform gauges your potential interests. Any genre that you have been frequently engaging on Instagram will be ranked higher. This means that Instagram will analyze all the past activity, scan through the available posts and content and then carefully evaluate the information to predict interests. As a principle, people who are interested in home decor, interior design, and remodeling services will be the potential audience for your posts. If you want your content to reach out make sure to define your niche, develop consistency, and create posts that matter to them.


The next important factor to consider is the timing of your content and post. New and latest posts rank higher on the audience screens. Any outdated content will follow a downward trend. The algorithm dictates that the most recent posts are most important. So, make sure to carefully and consistently post new and relevant content on your Interior design and remodeling company’s Instagram account. This is the best way to reach your audience effectively.


The Instagram Algorithm assumes that accounts that interact with you are related in importance. The key considerations to keep in mind include do you follow each other and search for by name? People who save your posts, message, and comment on your posts are also highlighted as potential relationships. As an interior designer and remodeler, you might not be friends with millions of users, but if your audience engages with your content consistently, your organic reach will be more effective.

Frequency of Usage

Instagram ensures that people who use the platform more frequently are likely to see your posts more. Followers that are dormant and log onto their Instagram accounts seldom, there will be a backlog of content to see. As an interior designer and/or remodeler, you should be targeting people who are frequent users and are more interested in your posts.


People with more followers are likely to miss out on your content due to the high amount of information and data coming their way. Your more productive audience will be people with fewer followers and news feed saturation. Ideal followers for your company would be people who carefully select their connections and do not follow a large number of accounts blindly.

Session Time

Users who spend higher amounts of time on their newsfeed are the likely recipient of your posts. The Instagram algorithm identifies them as the potential audience that is more interested in your content. As the owner of an interior design and remodeling marketing agency, make sure to increase your followers who spend more session time on their accounts. 

These are just a few tips on using Instagram’s new Algorithm to promote your business. For additional information on using Instagram and other social media platforms in marketing and promoting your business visit our social media marketing tips page. Also take a look at our resource library for additional marketing tips. If you want to  speak with one of our professionals contact us or schedule a strategy session so we can help you grow your business. 

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