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This book is a complete overview of what it takes to maximize opportunities online in terms of leads, branding building and business development. Our process of how we work with our clients to grow their business is revealed. This book outlines a plan which will transform you from an online marketing novice to the dominant player in your locale within the interior design and the kitchen and bath remodel industry. Throughout this book, we lay the foundation for you to achieve that status.

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Kitchen and Bath Marketing Solutions offers expert digital marketing solutions tailored to the Interior Design and Home Remodeling Industry. We help designers and remodelers save time and money by freeing them up to focus on what they love to do while we take care of things like marketing and lead generation that bog them down. With a proven track record, we succeed where other marketing companies fail to get measurable results because we are designers ourselves and know this industry and its specific challenges. These unique qualifications enable us to effectively help designers and remodelers grow their online presence and build a memorable brand. The three areas where we excel with our clients is Value, Results, and Customer Service.

​Imagine hiring a new sales team and then sending them out to represent your interior design or kitchen and bath remodeling company with no in-depth knowledge of what you do, how you do it, or how your target market benefits from it. It makes no sense — yet that’s what many remodelers do when they choose a digital marketing agency that doesn’t understand their industry or their audience.

Don’t hire a general marketing company that doesn’t know your industry and doesn’t understand how to market your service effectively. Choose the right tool for the right job by contacting Kitchen and Bath Marketing Solutions. 

We’re Industry Partners of the NKBA & a CEU Provider.

How to Market your Kitchen & Bath Remodeling Company – Checklist

Trying to understand how best to market your Interior Design or Kitchen and Bath Remodeling company can be difficult with all the changes in search, social media and pay-per-click advertising, that happens on an ongoing basis. If you don’t keep up with the new changes then knowing exactly what to do can be daunting. In addition, with all the marketing strategies available (SEO, PPC,  Social Media, Email marketing, video marketing, etc.), how is a business owner suppose to know which strategy will work best for their locale and target market? 

This is why we came up with this 10-point checklist. From our experience and talking with several business owners in the kitchen and bath remodeling space we have compiled a 10-point checklist to help you understand the most effective marketing strategies you need to be utilizing within on your kitchen and bath remodeling business. Just click on the link below and your copy of the 10-point checklist will be on its way to your inbox. We hope you find this document informative and beneficial to your success. If you have any questions give us a call so one of our professionals can get your questions answered. 

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Kitchen & Bath Marketing Solutions offers a smarter, more effective option to promoting and growing your interior design or kitchen and bath remodel business. We have years of experience and expertise creating and implementing digital marketing campaigns specifically for the interior design and kitchen and bath remodeling industry. We can provide you with industry-specific strategies that get the most out of tried-and-true techniques. Some services we offer:


The team at Kitchen and Bath Marketing Solutions has absolutely transformed our marketing efforts. We are now getting quality leads and their team can help advise on best practices for closing those leads. I look forward to our monthly calls and having a dedicated account manager is the best. I highly recommend Kitchen and Bath Marketing Solutions. 

Michael Anthony
Partner – Sinektiks LLC

You may hear them say they know the industry and I can attest to that being true. I’ve hired general marketing companies that had no idea what we did and were learning on the job. Hiring Kitchen & Bath Marketing Solutions was one of our best marketing moves to date. Their team is very responsive and the systems they have in place gets you results and they treat you like family.

Tracy Samuel
Owner – Omni Design

Excellence is shown in every step of the process. Results are the product of excellence given in all details. We highly recommend Kitchen and Bath Marketing Solutions if you seek results. Thank you Jason for your leadership.

Quinn Smith
Managing Director – Sketches and Pixels

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There are a lot of digital marketing agencies out there, so why should you make Kitchen and Bath Marketing Solutions your go-to solutions provider? Here are three compelling reasons:

We Know This Industry

Kitchen and Bath Marketing Solutions brings decades of knowledge and expertise to the marketing of interior design and kitchen and bathroom remodeling companies. Our owner has over 20 years of experience in architecture and construction. Our team has over 20 years of experience marketing online. We’ve applied that depth of experience to digital marketing since 2014, earning several awards along the way that clearly demonstrate our skills in this area.

We Get Results

We help our interior design and kitchen and bath remodeling clients grow by focusing on bottom-line results, not just leads. Leads mean nothing unless your marketing machine can convert those leads into long-term customers, and that’s what we do for a living. We can put the right tools in place to help you make those conversions and retain your clientele even as you keep bringing in more business. Our clients enjoy year-after-year business growth thanks to our effective cultivation of their brand.

We Care

Some digital marketing agencies might treat you as just another revenue-generating account number, or an opportunity to beef up the client list. Our primary interest isn’t winning industry recognition or boosting our profit margins — it’s earning our clients’ trust, giving them a great experience, and helping them achieve the results they seek. Your interior design and kitchen and bath remodeling business matters to us, and we look forward to helping you shine.

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