PR Marketing Tips for your Interior Design Business

Changing the entire landscape of the interior design and remodeling industry of the world, 2020 has transformed the way business entities operated before the pandemic. Tactics and strategies that worked previously might not be so effective now. Things that did not work before might now be the driving force for converting interior design and remodeling leads. With the year 2020 gone, it is now time to revamp your PR and marketing strategies and align them with your long-term business goals and objectives.

Here are some effective PR marketing tips for your interior design business.

Online Interior Design Services

One thing that we all learned through this pandemic year was that having a digital presence and online service orientation was the key factor that helped businesses sustain this unprecedented situation. A similar trend will be continued in 2021. Companies will have to offer online services through virtual networking and remote operations. The key would be to offer your clients a comprehensive, image and video-centric, and user-friendly website that allows virtual conferencing, online meetings, and the ability to reach out to clients effectively.


In the past few years, blogging has proven to be a very productive and effective tool for helping interior design businesses attract clients, convert leads, and showcase their skills to potential clients worldwide. Original blog posts help grow a community, engage in fruitful discussions, and help improve traffic to a website.

Email Marketing

It may sound a little orthodox to some, but email marketing has a lot of power when it comes to PR development and effective marketing. Being a very personal and client-centric niche, interior design businesses must invest in building an email list. This will allow you to develop a strong network and long-term relationship with your high-quality clients and leads.

Testimonials and Reviews

With heavy reliance on online sources for information, clients always look for references, reviews, and testimonials to gauge a company’s performance and client services. For interior designers, it is very important to showcase their completed projects, lists of satisfied clients, and a separate section for testimonials by clients. This allows a business to build an aura of trust, confidence, and reliability for the potential clients and visitors who might be looking to hire your company for a project.

Free Consultation Services

Although there is nothing like free lunch in this world, you need to offer some consulting or promotional tactics to attract potential clients towards your company. It is a matter of giving your time and advice to both low and high-quality leads in anticipation of return. But it is a sure way of getting more potential clients towards you than your competitor.

Wrap Up

So these were some tips that you need to keep in mind while developing your PR and marketing strategies in the year 2021. With the pandemic still all around us, 2021 might not be so different from the previous year. However, unlike 2020, this time interior designers and home remodeling businesses are much more prepared and well equipped to deal with the pandemic circumstances. These are just a few ways on how to increase your interior design and kitchen & bath remodel business exposure with public relations. For more info take a look at our resource library. If you have any questions or just want to speak with one of our professionals to learn more contact our office or schedule a strategy session to see how we can be of service.

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