Quick Guide to Online Reputation Management for Local Interior Design and Remodeling Businesses

​Undoubtedly, the internet is now the fastest source of gathering information about anything. But, with all this comes a certain level of responsibility. The fact that anyone can go online and write anything about a company has both advantages and disadvantages.

If, for some reason a customer was not satisfied with your interior design services and he wrote a negative review about your company, what will you do?

Or worse, someone has been writing bad reviews just for the sake of it without even using your product. What will you do?

The answer to both these questions is to have a solid reputation management system online.

5 Tips for Online Reputation Management

1. Be Transparent

This is the golden rule to develop and maintain a good online reputation in the eyes of your existing and potential clients. Always be transparent and open in dealing with feedback, especially negative feedback.

Your aim as a remodeler and interior designer is to show honest feedback on your website/blog or social media pages. Moreover, if there is any negative feedback, address it publicly.

In this way, people will know you take them seriously and it will be a boost for your business’s online reputation.

2. Be Proactive

Invest in your interior design business’s digital footprint. Sounds new, does it?

Simply put, you can’t control what people say about you, right? But, what you can do and what you should do is to accentuate the positive reviews.

Yes, that’s how to ensure your online reputation stays positive. Having a few negative reviews will not harm your business.
On the contrary, it will make the positive reviews look more believable and authentic. Constantly work to keep the positives much higher than the negatives.

3. Never be Defensive

Don’t try to defend your business when something goes wrong. Even if you were justified as a remodeler on interior designer, when you get down to explain yourself, it will give a negative vibe.

Your aim should be to soothe your customer and show the rest how kind and empathetic you are as a business.

4. Dealing with People Who Tarnish Your Name

As they say, there is just so much that you should tolerate. A simple bad review is not something to worry about. But, once people go overboard with hate speech or fake profiles, you need to seriously step in to save your online reputation.

Because, how would people know which online presence of an interior design business is authentic and which is not.

So, keep a check and report the imposters or people who throw hate speech at you to the authorities.

5. Reviews and Testimonials

There are different tips and tricks to make your online reputation strong. Give unsatisfied clients the opportunity to reach you privately.

Yes, in this way they will not be interested in leaving an online review.  Moreover, you will only encourage people to write good reviews and testimonials which will in turn give you a solid brand presence online. 

These are just a few tips to help you enhance your online reputation. We post new tips on a weekly basis so stay turned for more content and check out our resource library for additional trainings videos, webinars, and other helpful information. If you would like to chat with one of our experts to learn how we can help your business grow contact us or schedule a strategy session to learn more. 

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