Top Keywords for the Kitchen and Bath Remodel Industry

​Are you in the kitchen and bath industry? Are you looking for profitable keywords to advertise your business on Google? If yes, this page is for you.

Why Keywords are Important

When a user searches for kitchen or bathroom remodeling on Google, it shows that he/she has a high intent to get the job done. If your website ranks on Google for the popular keywords that your potential client searches Google for, they will be able to discover your business and eventually contact you for their project. Therefore, targeting the right keywords is important to get leads.

Based on our research (relevant as of March 2020) and historic trends on Google, Bing, and Yahoo, we’ve collected a list of 40 highly searched keywords for Kitchen and Bathroom industry. Here they are:

Top Keywords for Kitchen Remodeling

Top Keywords for Bathroom Remodeling

3 Tips to Rank Your Keyword on the First Page of Search Engines

1. Know Your Audience
Ranking a keyword on the first page of search engines is an uphill task. Before you start your efforts to rank a keyword, make sure you know what your potential clients need. This will help you to understand which keywords you need to target for promoting your business.
2. Answer Your Potential Client’s Problems
Search engines always want to display the best content to their users. Therefore, in order to rank your keyword on the first page, write valuable content and answer the queries that your potential customers usually ask.
3. Optimize Your Website for Best User Experience
Search engines do not like slow-loading websites. If your website takes more than 3 seconds to load, it will be considered a slow-loading site and will affect your search engine rankings. So, make sure your website is quick to load and handles on-page as well as off-page SEO in the best possible way.

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