Using Google Local Service Ads for Interior Designers

Gone are the days when people use to sift through magazines and books to get inspiration and ideas about the latest trends in interior design and home remodeling. These days, anyone interested in gathering information about a potential purchase would simply log on to the internet and explore hundreds of thousands of options sitting in the comfort of their own homes.

The virtual world of the internet offers a huge opportunity to interior designers and home remodeling businesses worldwide. Browsing through search engines, social media platforms, Pinterest and thousands of home remodeling blogs is just the beginning of a potential buying process. Any interior designer, who fails to capture the multiplying business opportunities on the internet, might find it hard to survive in the tough competitive environment of the industry. Even if you have a digital presence, the key is to promote and market yourself effectively to overcome cut-throat competition.

Benefits of Google Local Service Ads for Interior Designers and Home Remodeling Businesses

Among the various digital marketing platforms and tools, Google Local Service Ads is an innovative and effective technique. It can facilitate interior designers to reach out to a wider audience and enhance their ability to attract potential customers.

Here are some of its most prominent business benefits

1. Cost Saving On Digital Marketing

Pay for every lead instead of every click. This is what makes local service ads different from PPC. In PPC the interior designer pays for every click, no matter what the quality of the potential visitor is. On the other hand, in the case of Google Local Service ads, the company will only pay for quality leads. Google will only charge users for direct calls or messages and not just clicks. The result is cost savings by avoiding low- value and less productive leads.

2. Higher Quality Leads

Google local service ads allow interior designers to reach out to the people located in their local vicinity. Hence chances of mismatch areas and regions are reduced while the probability of conversions is increased.

3. Enhancement of Company Credibility through Google Guarantee

One of the key components of Google Local Service Ads is a small green checkmark. It represents a business check that the company has undergone a stringent background check by Google and has been endorsed by the company for reliability and trust.
With this Google Badge, most interior designers will be able to enhance their credibility and trustworthiness in the market. Acting as a guarantee by Google, every customer is protected with a maximum coverage of $2,000 for a lifetime.

4. Better Position on SERP

The appearance of the local service ads above the google ads and organic search engine results help enhance the credibility of the interior designer to a much greater extent. This is an added factor of trust for online users.

5. Enhanced Optimization for Smartphones

Understanding the importance of smartphones in the lives of potential clients, most of the digital marketing tools are optimized for mobile internet users. The same is the case with Google Local Service Ads. They are attractive, have visual clarity, and user-friendly responsiveness. You can easily use them through your mobile device.

6. Inclusion in Voice Search Results

Another key feature of Google Local Service Ads that make it beneficial for interior designers and home remodeling specialists is that it can be optimized with voice search results. Many times a mobile user may not be interested in opening up the browser and searching on the screen. For such devices that are equipped with google assistant, this is a great way to find interior design service providers nearby. As an interior design business owner, you can tap into a greater number of potential clients through this voice search option. 

7. Designed For Online Users

Google Local Service Ads offer greater visibility and higher placement to interior design businesses on the search engine page. Your business becomes more attractive as well as credible for prospects and the chances of converting them into real clients are increased. With different kinds of optimization options and enhanced device and system compatibility, this digital marketing tool is best suited for online users and clients.

8. Reliance on Keywords and Marketing Campaigns is Reduced

With automatic initiation of the ad on every relevant search, your efforts to work on the right keywords and creating active marketing campaigns are reduced.

9. Reviews Highlighted

The ad displays positive reviews and ratings of your interior design business as a main component. Its appearance on SERP allows customers to engage effectively with much greater credibility and trust in the potential company.

For more information and to download The Complete Guide to Google Local Service Ads for Interior Designers click here

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