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Meet Your New Performance-Based Marketing Partner

Using our proven DNA Blueprint™️ we'll flood your kitchen and bath design or remodeling company with quality "in-market" leads and customers on a performance basis and position you as the premier option in your region so you can get away from doing "cheap work" and start charging what you are worth.


You Don't Need Another "Generic" Marketing Agency, You Need A Specialized Marketing Partner who knows the Kitchen & Bath industry as well as you do

From the desk of Jason Lockhart

Let's be honest here for a second...

If generic marketing agencies worked you probably wouldn't be reading this right now.

I know this because once upon a time I was in your shoes, let me explain...

You see, before I became one of the leading marketing experts in the kitchen and bath design and remodeling space, I was a design professional and I found myself struggling to find a marketing company that could actually deliver me quality leads that would convert into high paying jobs on a consistent and predictable basis.

I wasted tens of thousands of dollars on so called "experts" who delivered little to nothing in terms of sales and I was frustrated.

So frustrated in fact, that I decided to delve into the world of marketing for myself to see if I could figure out why these agencies with all of their awards couldn't get results for kitchen and bath design and remodeling experts like me and you.

And I found the answer...

You see, most agencies are generalists.

They work with roofers, plumbers, car dealers, ecom stores, and to be honest, pretty much any Tom, Dick, or Harry who is willing to pay them a retainer.

These are what I now refer to as "generic marketing agency's".

They know all the right buttons to press to set up a Facebook or Google ad, or run some basic SEO...

...but they DO NOT understand the specific industry they are marketing to at a deep level and although this may have been ok in the past when there was little competition online and advertising was cheap, todays ultra competitive market with advertising costs rising by the day, this sort of generic approach to marketing is suboptimal at best, if it even works at all.

And to make it worse, these generic agencies don't know the difference between a good kitchen and bath design or remodeling lead and a bad lead so you end up attracting the bottom end of the market and have to constantly compete on price in order to get work.

And to top it off, they focus too much on vanity metrics like engagement, clicks, and traffic, and not enough on QUALITY traffic, conversion rates, qualified leads, booked appointments, and the only two metrics that really matter, Sales and Average Deal Value.

I call BS.

At Kitchen and Bath Marketing Solutions, we specialize in one thing and one thing only...

Partnering with and scaling kitchen and bath design and remodeling businesses.

That's it!

We don't work with other random businesses because we don't know anything about other businesses.

I believe that in order to effectively market one must understand the wants, needs, and desires of the market and one must be able to speak the industry language.

I've spent the past 5 years testing and iterating the most powerful system for scaling kitchen and bathroom remodeling companies so we can squeeze out every last dollar from our partners traffic and ad budget.

We call this system The DNA Blueprint™️, and if you own or manage a design or remodeling company and you want a flood of leads that are willing to pay you premium rates and you never want to have to worry about where your next client or customer is going to come from then I've got an offer that you won't want to miss out on.

You see, unlike most agencies we work on a performance basis meaning we get paid on results and NOT some random retainer or a % of how much money you spend on advertising.

This way incentives are perfectly aligned and both parties are motivated toward one universal goal...

...flooding your kitchen or bath remodeling or design business with leads, booking your calendar weeks in advance, and most importantly, maximizing your sales and average deal value!

I'm so confident, I'll even split your advertising costs with you down the middle 50/50 to align incentives even further and to top it off, I'll literally guarantee you at least 10 qualified "in-market" sales opportunities every single month or I will personally cover 100% of your marketing spend.

How is this possible you ask?

Well, first off let me explain why...

I believe that marketing companies should be held accountable to their work and should be compensated based upon the results they generate (or fail to generate in a lot of cases).

On top of that, I'm a strong believer that partnership is the key to business success and that the main reason why most agencies fail to deliver is because the incentives of the client and the incentives of the agency are completely misaligned and the latter has no skin in the game.

This is why in addition to working on performance, splitting advertising costs 50/50, and offering a guarantee we also offer full location based EXCLUSIVITY meaning that we only partner with ONE company in each region.

This way there is are no conflicts of interest and we don't compete with our own marketing so we can focus 100% of our efforts on helping you dominate your local market and becoming the premier option in your region.

So now onto the "HOW"...

You see, unlike pretty much every other agency on the planet, we don't focus only on traffic.

We build and optimize your entire sales system all the way from traffic, to conversions, to lead nurturing, to appointment booking, and finally to sales.

We've built a system to optimize (and attribute) every step of the chain all the way from the initial click right up to the contract being signed.

This end to end model allows us to accurately measure and track which sources are generating the most traffic, leads, booked appointments, and sales, so we can optimize and identify the winners and spend more of your marketing budget on the campaigns that are driving the most sales and revenue.

So what does all of this mean for you?

Well first off, it means no more stress or anxiety and no more worrying about where your next customer is going to come from.

It means no more guessing what marketing channels you need to focus on so you can rest assured that your marketing dollars are being spent correctly and that the person running your marketing is incentivized in the same direction as you are. 

It means more high-qualify traffic, more conversions, a lower cost per lead, less time wasters and more dream clients, a sales calendar that is booked out weeks in advance, the ability to demand higher prices so you can charge what you are worth, and lastly, more revenue and profit for your company.

It means that you'll finally have the predictable client acquisition system you've been praying for.

But more importantly, it means you'll finally have found the marketing partner that you can trust and scale with long term so you can focus on doing what you do best and leave the marketing to us.

So if you are sick and tired of paying your hard earned money to a bunch of generalist amateurs and getting nothing but vanity metrics and excuses in return then maybe it's time you partnered with a team of specialists who are willing to put skin in the game and their money where their mouth is.

Jason Lockhart

Founder & Head Of Growth @ Kitchen And Bath Marketing Solutions

our Growth Guarantee

We'll Get You At Least 10 qualified sales opportunities (Not Leads) Every Month Or We'll Cover 100% Of Your Advertising Fees

Our Secret Weapon

The DNA Blueprint™️

Most kitchen and bath design or remodeling company's struggle to reach their growth goals for 3 main reasons. Firstly, they don't get enough traffic to generate sufficient demand for their services and the majority of shoppers in their market don't even know they exist. Secondly, they don't have automated nurturing systems in place to turn cold traffic into pre-qualified sales appointments on autopilot. And lastly (and arguably most importantly) they simply don't know how to position themselves as a premier design or remodeling company so they end up competing on price (and not the quality of their work) in order to get clients and keep the doors open. Our DNA Blueprint™️ solves all 3 of these problems simultaneously...

Step #1

Diversify Traffic & Lead Sources

Using our proven organic and paid traffic campaigns we go out into your local market and put you and your company in front of the most high intent "in-market" shoppers who are currently looking for a kitchen and bath design or remodeling company in your region. 

These are the highest intent leads but because of this they're also the most expensive so in addition to these campaigns we will also target all of the shoppers in your region who are NOT "in-market" but rather still in "information gathering mode" as there is much less competition for these leads so your cost per lead will be much lower.

This gives you the opportunity to nurture and influence these leads weeks before they are ready to pull the trigger by providing them with info and content putting you in pole position to win the sale when the time comes. This is where the real money is made and this is one of the reasons our clients see a huge spike in sales about 3-6 months after partnering with us.

Step #2

Nurture Nurture Nurture

Sick of calling your leads manually? Don't worry, our proprietary nurturing systems will do all the heavy lifting for you so you can focus on doing what you do best.

Most design and remodeling companies contact their leads 1-2 times before giving up. You're busy, we get it.

Using the power of content, retargeting campaigns, and automated workflows we'll nurture and follow-up with your leads for up to 12 months so you can squeeze out every last sale from the traffic that comes through your sales funnel.

This one step alone has increased our clients lead to sale conversion rates by up to 32% right out of the gate.

Step #3

Become The Authority

This is the secret sauce, so listen up.

The key to charging premium rates and having a waiting list of dream prospects who want to work with you is to be positioned as the premier design or remodeling company in your region and creating more demand for your services than supply.

So, in short, we need to position you and your company as "The Authority" in your local market.

To accomplish this we create the look and feel of superior quality all the way from your ads to your website and landing pages and we use our experience and network in PR to get you featured in major media publications.

The combination of these elements positions you as the superior option in the eyes of your prospects and it is this "halo effect" that allows you to demand premium rates so you can pick and choose the jobs you want to take and get to charge what you are worth.

Not convinced?

Numbers don't lie

Our average kitchen & bath Marketing Partner (not our best) experiences a:
Customers served! 0 %  increase in traffic in under 6 months
Customers served! 0 %  increase in call volume in under 90 days
Customers served! 0 % increase in revenue 
And generates an average of:
Customers served! 0 quality "in-market" leads every month after 90 days

Check out what our existing Kitchen and bathroom marketing partners have to say about working with us and what our DNA Blueprint™️ has done for their businesses...

Increased Lead Volume By Over 850% In 12 Months & Booked Out Their Calendar 6-9 Months In Advance & Created A Waiting List


Euro Design Build

Home Remodeling

Short Term Results
Increased Call Volume By Over 250% In The First 90 Days

Long Term Results
Increased Quality Lead Volume By Over 850% In The First Year

Melinda Dzinic

From Uncertainty In The Future Of The Business To 34 "In-Market" Leads In The First 60 Days And A Consistent And Predictable Pipeline Longterm


Steps By Stepp Remodeling

Home Remodeling

Short Term Results
34 Quality "In-Market" Leads In The First 60 Days

Long Term Results
Currently Producing Between 30-40 Leads Per Month

Marlon Stepp

From A 5X Return On Marketing Due To Low Lead Quality To A 22X Return & A Steady Pipeline Of Quality Leads In 12 Months

Architecture Estates

Architecture And Remodeling

Short Term Results
30% Increase In ROAS In 60 Days

Long Term Results
Increased ROAS From 5:1 To 22:1 In One Year

Quincy Smith

Here's even more of our success stories...

A 560% Increase In Calls In 6 Months And 3 New Projects In The Past 30 Days

41 Quality "In-Market" Leads In 60 Days & $750,000 In New Business In 12 Months

$415,837 In New Business Generated In Six Months (21:1 Return On Investment)

From An Old & Outdated Website To Getting Featured In Major Industry Media

From Zero Marketing Experts To A Long Term Relationship With Jason

Meet your new Head of growth

Jason Lockhart

NKBA Certified Marketing Specialist

Jason started Kitchen & Bath Marketing Solutions to help designers and remodelers avoid the difficulties that he himself experienced when looking for a marketing agency for his own remodelling company many years ago.

After discovering and testing the DNA Blueprint™️ for his own business Jason found himself getting approached by his personal network of designers and remodelers to build the same system for them and manage all of their marketing and that's when the idea for Kitchen & Bath Marketing Solutions was born.

Jason and his team are on a mission to partner with one kitchen and bathroom design or remodeling company in every major city in North America.

The team

Meet your new marketing team

Jason Lockhart
Founder & Head Of Growth
Tania Espinosa
Kimberlee Collins
Chief Financial Officer
Mirjam Lippuner
Director of Public Relations

Rumsha Merida Fatima
Jamie Shehan
Ayesha Khalid
Alice O'Sullivan
Michael Thompson
Jennifer Whisnant
Marketing Assistant
Jillian Peracciny
Marketing Assistant
Jessica Wright
Executive Assistant
Do you have any questions?

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Jason Really a Designer Himself?

Yes, Jason is a licensed regional planner (AICP) and is a partner in an architecture/planning firm.

What is the difference between a typical agency model and your partnership model?

Most agencies charge a retainer and/or a percentage of advertising spend (that last part never made sense to me) which leads to misaligned incentives as the agency is motivated to send you a lot of leads, but they don't really care about quality because it doesn't effect their pay check, and you the client are left with a ton of worthless leads.

With our partnership model, we implement our DNA Blueprint system to deliver quality leads, and our incentives are perfectly aligned as we are compensated on the outcome you desire (booked appointments and sales) and we have skin in the game as we are putting our own dollars into your marketing budget.

In addition to this, we also guarantee a minimum number of booked appointments per month or we cover 100% of your marketing budget, so we are heavily incentivized to make it happen.

And lastly, we offer full exclusivity so once we partner with you we will not work with any of your competitors in your region.

Do you really guarantee results?

Yes, it's written in our legal terms and we stand behind it.

However, full transparency, it's highly unlikely that we will ever miss our minimum monthly target. We track the results we get for every client and we know what our DNA Blueprint can deliver on average so we are not really taking a big risk here, we just wanted to remove the risk from your side of the equation.


How much do you charge?

We work on performance so it is impossible at this point to know what we will deliver for your company specifically.

There are upfront fees involved but we do have payment plans available so it's easy for you to get started. 

However, all of that being said, we only give specifics on pricing for this offer once we've spoken over the phone and determined that we would like to make you an offer to become our official marketing partner in your region as not everyone qualifies for this offer and guarantee.

How do I know that I will get a return on investment?

During your call we will show you our live tracking sheet which will show you all of the monthly results (leads, appointments, and sales) we have achieved to date for our existing partners and you can use this data to run an ROI calculation for your own business. 

Where can I Get More Information?

Click HERE to schedule a call with our team and once we've determined that you are a good fit and that you qualify for our partnership offer (again, not everyone is qualified for this offer and guarantee) we will give you all of the details and answer any question you have to make sure you are making a well informed decision.


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