Pay-Per-Click – Lead Generation

Pay-per-click (PPC) marketing and lead generation techniques are a necessity in today’s competitive online marketplace. Since home services clients tend to shop around, interior design and remodeling companies typically need to invest more money into this aspect of their campaigns than some other industries. Thankfully, this segment also enjoys a relatively healthy conversion rate of 6.64 percent. We can create and maintain a PPC strategy that helps you get the biggest bang for your buck.

Having a reliable PPC campaign can help your business stay productive during down times and keep consistent work coming in your doors. We optimize your pay-per-click campaigns to ensure you are getting maximum results with no wasted ad spend. We have been dealing with this industry for years and we know the tricks of the trade to get you quality leads. We focus on good keyword selection, dividing up your ad groups, creating a landing page that converts and having a strong call to action to get people to take an action and not just click on your ads. We track all of this so you can see where your ad spend is going and know that you are in good hands with experts that know how to bring you quality traffic on a consistent basis. 

​Where many companies fail with PPC is doing it themselves and not understanding best practices to maximize the campaign and not just put out ads. Other kitchen and bath companies turn to systems like Home Advisor and Angie’s List to provide remodeling company’s with non-exclusive leads, we go the extra mile of not just getting you quality exclusive leads but helping you develop an approach to close those leads and maintain them long term through strategies like email marketing and other strategies.

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