3 Easy Ways to Generate Leads for Your Home Remodeling or Design Business

For professionals and entrepreneurs in interior design or home remodeling, a lead typically comes from referrals, advertising, or networking events, but they can come from anywhere. A lead is simply a prospective client who is interested in your services, so your lead generation strategy’s number one goal is to convert as many people as possible into loyal customers. Every homeowner loves “before and after” photos, and while there are dozens of options for lead generation, the most efficient and cost-effective way is to take advantage of social media and email lists where you can showcase your best-selling features.

1. Make Houzz Your Home 

The most important online resource, second only to your own website, is a Houzz profile. Houzz is an integral networking tool for builders, designers, and homeowners. The key to make this successful is to completely fill out your profile, keep it updated, and engage with it regularly. When kept current, by sharing content frequently, your profile effectively acts as an advertisement for your business. The average household income of homeowners on Houzz is over six figures, with the average home value being around a half million. Every homeowner on Houzz is actively in the process of building, remodeling or redecorating, which means they’re looking for the right people to hire and they’re looking now.

Stay active on the platform by posting photos and information about your latest work as often as possible. Ask clients and colleagues to leave you reviews. Interact with the community by answering questions, sharing your expertise, and posting updates on your current projects. Remember that high quality photos and full descriptions really help your profile to stand out and rank higher in searches.

2. Post Consistently on Social Media 

Designing and remodeling are creative fields, so perfecting your visual branding will help your business grow more than anything else. Word of mouth is great, but photos will speak volumes more about the quality of work you do. Get into the habit of regularly posting on social media. Instagram and Pinterest are heavily visual and focus on pictures. Facebook is great when you want to indulge in more storytelling elements to go along with your photos. LinkedIn is great for increasing your visibility if you offer B2B products or services.

The whole purpose of this is to generate leads, so you must interact with others to keep them interested and engaged. Social media requires and thrives on dialogue. You’ll lose your audience if you only focus on yourself or heavily push your sales agenda. By interacting with your audience on a more personal level, and tailoring content to be helpful and valuable to your followers, you’ll turn them into loyal customers. Many homeowners would regard interior design or remodeling as a luxury, so to convert as many admirers into clients as possible, offer more than your business by sharing helpful tips, affiliate content and links, and different perks for customers who subscribe to your website. Consumers seek professionals when they have a problem; make sure you’re the solution. 

3. Build Your Email List

Email lists are great because everyone has an email address, and it doesn’t take a huge investment of money or time. This way, you can still reach customers in different demographics that may not have social media accounts. Engaged customers can bring in a fortune, but your efforts to approach customers will be useless if the contacts you have aren’t relevant or are out of date. The quickest and easiest way to build leads and get contacts is by enticing visitors with lead magnets, like a free downloadable guide or Ebook, or pop-ups containing coupon codes or offers in exchange for their email address.

Once your list starts growing, email your list at least once per month. Send a monthly newsletter, which can feature your latest blog posts, updates about the jobs or clients you’re working with, trends you’re seeing, and anything you think your followers will be interested in. It’s important to keep potential customers involved with your business, so you need to have a convincing reason for them to sign up and keep checking in with your blog or other platforms. It will only take a few hours per month to put together and send, but it’ll make a massive impact. A long email list of high-quality contacts will allow you to move your leads further through the sales funnel. Remember, the purpose of the entire lead building process is to convert followers from new subscribers to loyal customers.

Lead generation doesn’t have to be as intimidating as it sounds. Posting engaging content regularly on your social media profiles and keeping your email list up to date are surefire ways to build a quality list of clients. Once you have a solid lead generation strategy in place, you will be able to spend more time focusing on your actual business and the work you do for your new found clients.

These are just a few digital marketing tips to grow your company. Visit our resource library for additional trainings videos, webinars, and other helpful information. If you would like to speak with one of our team members to see how we can help you grow your business schedule a strategy session or give us a call.

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