5 Important Email Marketing Mistakes to Avoid for Your Interior Design or Remodeling Business

As remodelers and interior designers, it has become so easy to market your brand. Marketing is just a click away! Yes, you can do so by sending an email and voila, it lands in the prospect’s inbox in a second.

Even though the traditional ways of marketing are still in the market, email-marketing is leading the list because of the cost-effective nature and instant delivery. But, it is not as simple as writing your normal emails. You need to be very careful while crafting it. As you can make or break your client base with email-marketing.

Hence, be smart and conduct a solid email-marketing campaign for your interior design or remodeling business.

5 Email-Marketing Mistakes to Avoid for Your Business

1. Not Keeping It to the Point

No one has time to read long emails. Most people look at the subject and decide within 2 seconds whether to open the email or not. Hence, your aim is to make sure you get to the point in the first 3 lines. People should know exactly what the email is about. For example, if it is about a new trend that has hit the market in interior design, that should be your subject line. Otherwise, mention it in the opening paragraph so that people know exactly what you are talking about in that email.

2. Not Keeping It Simple Enough (No Jargon)

Always avoid difficult words. Don’t include tough jargon like whimsical, layered, tailored, curated etc. These words can be used when you are dealing with suppliers or other interior design and remodeling businesses (B2B) but not in email-marketing. You can’t be sure how much the potential client knows about interior design or remodeling. Therefore, keep your email simple. Don’t complicate it. It should be simple enough to understand and take action upon.

3. Not Checking How Many Emails Have Been Sent

Generally, Designers and Remodelers send multiple emails regarding the same product with different wording. Avoid this. Take time to craft the email and see to it that all the information about a new launch or new trend has been incorporated in a single email. Chunks of information should not be sent in multiple emails but should be compressed and sent in one easy-worded, concise email.

4. Not Segmenting the Subscribers

The biggest mistake is when you send one general email to all the clients and potential clients. The best thing to do is to create different segmented lists in which you can group different people. For example, you can make groups based on: regular clients, seasonal clients, potential clients, etc. Then, see which client group has what interest. Now, send personalized emails to the different groups.

5. Not Welcoming New Subscribers

Well, well, well. Your interior design or remodel business just got a new subscriber, did it? Don’t take it lightly. This person has gone through the entire process of filling out forms and signing up. This shows that they are interested in your business.  Why not welcome them? Welcome emails should be automated and sent the second a new subscriber joins in. This shows a personalized element to your business.These email marketing tips will help grow your business. If you want to learn to be a more effective email marketer check out our post on, How to Send Marketing Emails Like A Pro. This article gives you more insight on getting people to open your emails and engage with your content. Email marketing is a very cost-effective form of marketing and the team at Kitchen & Bath Marketing Solutions is here to help if you have any questions. Feel free to reach out to one of our account managers to get your questions answered or schedule a strategy session to see how we can be of service. 

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