5 Killer Digital Marketing Tips for Interior Designers and Home Remodelers That Work

Undoubtedly, the internet is progressing by leaps and bounds. Better yet, it has revolutionized the world as we knew it 2 decades ago. We are no longer confined to the walls of our home or the borders of our geographical region, we are a global village. Sadly, digital marketing is still a highly untapped industry.

Thus, for interior designers and remodelers, it is a very good opportunity to grow manifold. Take the time to learn digital marketing and take the world by storm so you can establish your name worldwide.

Best Digital Marketing Tips for Home Remodelers and Interior Designers

1. Pinterest Account

Usually, when we talk about digital marketing, the first thing that pops up all over the internet is Facebook. Sure, having a FB page is important, but for interior designers and home remodeler it is all about the visuals. So, go for Pinterest. It is the most visual platform you can go on. Therefore, ensure you have a rocking profile on it! Instagram is another platform you need to consider but choose the one that best suits your needs, and you can become consistent on. We have trainings for both Pinterest and Instagram.

2. Play Smart

After all, it is the time of innovation and technology. Go for conversational selling. You can easily increase your conversion rate through chat bots, webinars and live chats. Make the potential customer curious through different tactics. We discussed this very topic in a recent webinar we did title,” The Top 10 digital marketing ideas for interior design businesses to grow and build a strong online presence”. Take a look at that webinar for more information.

3. Include Backlinks

No doubt, this will require some effort. But again, it takes a little time and sweat to become number one, doesn’t it? Invest your time in coming up with a backlink strategy. Focus on listicles. In this way, you can do digital marketing correct and generate a lot of traffic to your site. More information on SEO (search engine optimization) techniques can be found here.

4. Include Influencer Marketing/Partnerships

When talking about interior design and remodeling, deciding on something is not easy. On a digital platform, it becomes even more difficult deciding what to buy and what not to buy. Therefore, to gain the trust of your potential clients and to make sure they convert, try to follow influencer marketing.

First of all, see who the influencers are in your area. Then, ask them to endorse your business subtly. This tactic works for the majority of people. Having a person in authority talk good about something always leaves an impact on others. Also, look for partnerships. For this, you will need to work demographically. See what is trending in the area you are in and tap into that market. For example, get a brand to endorse your designs and talk about you.

5. Find a Mentor

Learn from the best in the trade. Sure, you have the ideas and the resources, but don’t know how to put it down on paper? No worries. There are ample numbers of digital marketing mentors who offer their paid services to help you establish your digital presence. Not only this, they will also have years of experience and you can easily benefit from them. So, see if you want professional help. To learn more about us click here to see how we can help.

These are some of the most unique and sure shot techniques to grow your digital marketing presence and make a name in your local marked. We have developed several resources to help the interior design and remodeling industry. Take a look at our Resource Library for more information and guidance to help grow your business. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us so one of our professionals can get your questions answered or schedule a strategy session to learn how we can help.​

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