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4 Reasons Good Kitchen and Bath Showroom Marketing is Your Key to Success

Have you ever sat back and thought how much the outlook of your showroom matters to customers who walk in through that door? How many times have you gone to a place and got dejected by its ambiance?

Yes, I agree most people use the internet for researching and buying products, and not as much for finding an interior designer or home remodeler. Undoubtedly, things are still old-school here and customers always physically visit the store before making a purchase or hiring you! Never be over-confident and think your service/product will sell itself.

Let us share with you how good kitchen and bath showroom marketing will result in being key to your success.

4 Reasons Why Kitchen and Bath Showroom Marketing Is Important

1. Create A Brand Image

Your showroom is basically the physical interpretation of your actual brand. Hence, having an aesthetically pleasing and catchy showroom is the key to success of your kitchen and bath business.

After all, it is no easy task to maintain your brand image in the eyes of potential customers. Align EVERYTHING! Your showroom marketing should be consistent with what people have seen on your website, social media and on TV.

2. Customer Experience

When potential customers come inside your showroom, your aim is to keep them on their toes.
Yes, only if they look around everywhere, will they be able to see what you have to offer them. But, there should be ample seating space for a couple of people. After all, they might just want to hire you and sit down to talk about the options they have to them. Throwing in a welcome drink or a cup of coffee is always nice!

3. Think Out of the Box

Working on your display is going to take you a long way for sure. Focus on trying to be different. Sure, everyone shows cabinets and cupboards, but that’s just what they are, cabinets and cupboards. They won’t attract your customers to make a purchase.

Try to play with the psyche of the customer. For example, if your client is a person with a big family, show them towards the spacious kitchen first. On the other hand, if the customer is a single-father or bachelor, show them a small and cozy space.

4. Photorealistic Rendering

Well, say hello to the future. Market and prove your showroom as a top-notch kitchen and bath showroom by adding the use of technology.

How many times have customers not understood what you were trying to explain? Quite frequently, I assume. So, based on the need of the times you should introduce 3D technology in your showroom.

Undoubtedly, having a visual representation of what you and your client have decided on or what you want to show them is always a good idea. You can easily come up with a quick visual mockup with the software available online today.

So, you see it’s not about the balloons and arch kits on your entryway that will make your showroom stand out. A lot of effort goes into it.

For additional information take a look at our Resource Library for additional marketing tips. If you want to  speak with one of our professionals contact us or schedule a strategy session so we can better understand you business and show you how we can help grow your business and your brand. 


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  1. Thanks for the info about showrooms. I am thinking of redesigning my kitchen. I’ll have to checkout a kitchen showroom.

  2. Thanks for pointing out that it is best to keep the customers on their toes and have a place where you can talk to them if they would want to hire you eventually. I can imagine how this tip could help those in the local showroom delivery field, especially the new ones in the business. It would get them clients that could give them a good rating and feedback which can lead to more clients wanting their services in the future.

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