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All You Need To Know About 3D Renderings

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Put yourself in your client shoes. Isn’t this a bit more effortful to construct or remodel your place when you only have design copies, either from showroom displays or 2D photographs? How can you imitate or modify those designs specific to your construction model? 

Now, back into your shoes. As an interior designer or home remodeler, how can you make sure all expectations of your client are met in the design you have hypothesized in your head? 

Designers! You know this, ‘When there’s a Will, there’s a Way’. And your problem wants you to head towards ‘3D Rendering‘. “See before you build” is the privilege you can provide to your clients and win their trust on your ideas. It saves them money. It saves you time. 

It seems more technical to make use of virtual reality in your design business. Rather, if we conceptualize the Wizard of Oz Prototype, we come up with many different aspects of a 3D Rendering. Generally, KABMS divides the life cycle of its 3D Renderings into six prominent phases. 

Life Cycle of 3D Renderings: 

1. Initial Discussion & Documentation: 

During the initial discussion, our 3D designers learn about the project and review the relevant  documents. Based on project goals, our 3D designers recommend different services and strategies.  Following the Initial discussion, our designers send over a quote for the project along with the expected deliverables, terms, and timeline of the project.

2. Content Gathering: 

During this stage, our 3D designers create a checklist of everything needed to successfully complete the project. The checklist asks for details such as appliance and fixture model numbers, material references, fireplace models and other details that cannot be gathered from the project floor plans / elevations. Any items that are not known right away are supplemented by our vast library of 3D materials and objects. 

3. Interior Design: 

During the interior design phase, our professional interior designers take care of everything from scratch. Our team is equally capable to remodel an existing interior design. 

4. Modelling, Texturing & Rendering: 

Once the content is received, our talented team of construction and design professionals delivers near perfect results the first time around and offer free revisions until our clients are 100% satisfied.

5. Final Results: 

Once our client has reviewed and approved the content, a final set of high resolution, post processed images are sent through secure channels and the quality of rendering is maintained. 

6. Animation:

If the project includes an animation, the animation will be made following the approval of the interior renderings. Each of our animations are backed with royalty-free premium music and cinematic video editing

Virtual reality is not only limited to 3D Renderings. Kitchen & Bath Marketing Solutions is leading a variety of 3D design services. 

K&BMS 3D Design Services

1. 3D Renderings:

3D rendering is an impactful marketing tool that can bring your project to life. This virtual design can replicate the feel of actual showroom display 

2. 3D Animation :

Animations highlights the key features of a design.  With the use of real time animation software, KABMS provides professional editing combined with premium music, close-ups, wide angle and panning shots of a 3D design. 

3. 3D Virtual Walkthrough:

3D virtual tours where clients are in the driver seat, not only enable them to see their future home / remodel, but now they can move around inside the virtual design

4. 3D Configurator:

Designers do not need to iterate 3D renderings because the clients themselves can mix and match different designs to find their favorite combination in our 3D Configurator. 

3D Renderings – Budgeting Schemes: 

From data collection to creating animation, everything may go smooth until the main problem heaves in sight. What is the worth of your 3D Design? This question has to be answered in monetary terms. Kitchen & Bath Marketing Solutions provides a comprehensive budgeting scheme for various kinds of 3D design projects. 

Special Packages:

1. Low End Budget:

It may range from $99-$250. Projects that usually don’t require fine details and material finish accuracy are included in this budget scheme. 

Pros: Because of low cost, it is preferred by clients. You may offer interior renderings, exterior renderings, floorplan renderings and virtual staging of images. 

Cons: You may require to do multiple revisions of your design due to insufficient data on construction knowledge incorporated into the design. 

2. Mid End Budget: 

$400-$3000 typical cost for renovation or custom home design projects. 

Pros: Services may include interior, exterior & sitemap renderings, 3D & colored floor plan, animations, cinematics and interactive 3D tours. 

Cons: You need to pay attention to the minute details in the design. 

3. High End Budget:

$3000-$10,000 is an estimated amount of budget for high-end commercial and residential projects. 

Pros: Top of the line quality renderings presented through kiosks and real-time design configurations. Interactive communities are also the part of multi-unit projects. 

Cons: Such design processes have a longer turn around time. 

For more information you can review CEU Webinar and Workbook on our website under Resource Library section. If you have any questions or just want to speak with one of our professionals to learn more contact our office or schedule a strategy session to see how we can be of service. 


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