September 15

Awards in Interior Design

​What it takes to be an award winning designer?  Be it Design Excellence Award ceremonies or Residential Excellence Design Award. Every Award can be an opportunity for your interior design business if used correctly. Kitchen & Bath Marketing Solutions aims to guide you through and provide some tips to utilize your award winning opportunity to build your brand. 

1. Know thy audience!
Look for business groups in your area. What awards are available in your area? Google it with your states and then with your city. Where do you want your people to be polling from? Let your audience know you’ve the same award they are familiar with.

2. Media coverage you need for your awards
Some awards are sponsored by media. Others may face difficulty to find right media channels for promotion. Magazines may not be featuring your project in professional publications. In such a case you need to put some effort yourself. Earned feature placement for your projects can be sometimes better than getting into paid award competitions.

3. Build your brand with your awards
Winning an award can help you build your brand. Market your projects in different avenues like website, blog or video. Look for the outlets where organizations giving you awards are promoting their competitions.

4. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for your award promotion
You can rewrite about your awards earned in the past and link to those archives on the web. Always have your own links and blogs on your awards as the publications by other organizations may no longer be functional. Remember! Dead links on your website will hurt you.

5. Tips for design competitions
Read all the requirements for winning a particular award including membership details. Know the judges and their background who are in the design competition. Some famous design competitions and local awards in  kitchen & bath remodeling niche are NKBA design competition for Dallas and NARI. 
Search for categories that may have less number of applicants. You can also promote judges’ remarks to showcase your credibility.

6. Target big organizations with your awards
Scope your story in a way that depicts your leadership skills. Some renowned trade organizations, local business journal rank listings or media agencies can offer free of charge, non-commercial promotion of your awards. You need a second hand acknowledgements to know you’re doing well. Know different cultural opinions on aesthetics and designs. Be more strategic.

For more information on interior design business and digital marketing for designers, remodelers and architects visit us at Kabms.com. 


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