January 1

CRM Features To Choose For Sales Processes in Interior Design & Home Remodel Industry  (Part II)

Investigate following features before choosing a sales CRM for your Interior Design or Remodel business:

Does your sales CRM give you access to security and data control?

Your data must belong to you, period. And it needs to continue to be secure, especially when your customers’ personal information is at stake. That implies that you should have secure, convenient access to data even when working remotely and be able to control, view, backup, or remove it whenever you choose. You can be restricted and unable to access or move data using the program you want if your CRM vendor makes it tough for you to remove your data. Compliance is still another important factor. You must have confidence that your solution complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other industry standards.

Does your sales CRM incorporate AI and other cutting-edge features?

Consider the value that a CRM system’s AI and automation capabilities will offer to your sellers when evaluating them. To free up seller time, lower expenses, and boost productivity, they should automate tedious operations and offer useful insights at the appropriate time. Additionally, confirm the vendor’s industry leadership and a clear AI future.

Has low- or no-code customization been integrated into the sales CRM?

The productivity and cost-control benefits of customizing your CRM to your business operations and sellers’ demands are increased. However, other systems only allow customization through third-party add-ons or employ proprietary languages. Due to the increased time and expense of development, the ROI is reduced. You may acquire what you need more quickly by choosing a CRM that can be configured using common languages and tools and has built-in low-code/no-code app solutions.

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