June 1

How is the Response on Your Email List?

Each year, emails are deemed obsolete in the marketing world, and before the end of the year, people are talking about new email marketing trends that will dominate the next year.

This has become a pattern in and of itself. Email marketing works, and it works best when you have a well-thought-out strategy that doesn’t feel haphazard. Knowing what to expect in the next months and how customer preferences will shift provides firms a significant advantage over their competitors.

1. Emails that are Interactive!

You can make an interactive email by including the following elements:

User feedback via surveys, polls, and quizzes;
Curated product slideshows and carousels; To create a rich shopping experience within the email, rollover images;CTAs that are animated to persuade people to visit the landing page.

2. Newsletters for your Email List Audience!
Drip campaigns rely heavily on newsletters to nurture leads, warm up cold clients, and establish an authentic brand image. Knowing who you’re writing for and what the email’s goal is the key to creating professional emails. Newsletters are a cost-effective approach to keep clients and promote products without coming across as overly “salesy” when done correctly.

3. Mobile Display of Emails!
Email copy should be easy to read on the go in addition to being easy to scan on handheld devices. Content marketers have struggled to make emails responsive in diverse color palettes since dark mode became popular a few years ago.

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