September 15

Instagram Success Formula For Design & Remodeling Industry

Crazy stats for nerds! 500 million people utilize Instagram Stories every day. With this huge audience potential, this is one of the most attractive platforms for design & remodel business. 

We are here to set the foundation of some useful knowledge and quick implementation tips for designers and remodelers to bring their best potential to the Instagram users. 

1. Know Your Audience

Using Instagram, defining your audience is simple.

  • Age, location, gender, income, interests and reasons for motivation  are a few things to consider about your potential audience.
  • Follow trending hashtags for your industry’s events and topics of interest. 
  • View the profiles of those who are interacting and using these hashtags.
  • You can also examine the followers of your rivals. 

2. Follower Base

Focus on to build a following the right way.

  • Verify that your username is easily searchable and recognizable. Nobody can follow you if they can’t locate you!
  • Complete the bio. Include who you are and what you do because that’s what people will see before deciding whether or not to follow you.
  • Start posting once your profile has been optimized. It’s a good idea to add ten to fifteen high-quality posts to your feed before you start actively interacting users. Users won’t likely follow you if they visit your profile and discover it empty.
  • Start following accounts related to your industry and that interest you. Consider Instagram to be a community and search for nearby competitors or influencers who might be interested in your good or service. Instagram tracks the accounts you follow.

3. Lead Conversion

You can begin turning your followers into paying clients if you build up a loyal following.

Instagram is a terrific venue for teasing your audience with sneak peeks of upcoming products before they go on sale. Even if you don’t want to fill all of your followers’ newsfeeds with simply product shots, a few can help create anticipation.

Live launches: Take into account employing Instagram Live to present a fresh good or service. After that, encourage users to make a purchase by adding a link in your bio.
Utilize your Instagram Story Highlights and the link in your profile so that you can direct people to your website, blog, and product sites.

Promote your Instagram account across all platforms with omni-channel promotions. Include a social share icon for Instagram on your website and other socials. 

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