July 12

Luxury Branding For High-Paying Clients

The idea of ‘Luxury’ revolves around desirability for rarity and exclusivity.  Interior designers and home remodelers may cater the want for luxury but they can not go after every high-paying client. This is where ‘branding’ will help them.  And we will not recommend any ordinary branding here. To become a haute luxury brand, ‘Luxury Branding’ is the only orbital road to success.  

The Three Luxury Tips!

It might seem a herculean task to discover a luxury brand in your business. The following three luxury tips can help you navigate through the process. 

1. Your X-Factor!

Know your value! What is it that makes you the best? Go out and research. You can not assume how your prospects define luxury. Talk to them and identify your audience. You’ll find that not every client is a luxury client because luxury prices are only for the clients looking for luxury services.  
Customers pay commodity prices for services, but they gladly pay premium prices for solutions. So, as you find your value, multiply it and offer luxury solutions. 

2. Brand Positioning 

Show Your Value! What image of your brand you want to have in your audience mind? Clients will not believe in something you say, but they won’t deny something you show. Your brand positioning should be more than just a portfolio. Be it premium business cards with metallic edges and debossing or any luxury design, show your audience that you are a luxury brand provider. 

3. Add Up!

Multiply your value! Do not be the back burners. As you are working for your clients, you must take out time for your own brand building. Show your value across all your brand touchpoints. ‘Tell me without telling me’ is a way to display your luxury brand – you don’t have to say it out loud and still everyone can notice it. 

Bonus Tip!

You should have a brand story that your high-paying clients would like to hear. When customers visits your website, they should be able to recognize who you are, what are you offering and how they can buy it, and that all in just 3 seconds. If you’re unable to design your portfolio for a 3-second magic show, you’ll loose your charm. 

Stay tuned as we’ll discuss more about Luxury Marketing & PR in our next blog. For more value based information visit our website www.kitchenandbathmarketingsolutions.com


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