July 30

Marketing for Luxury Business

For attracting high-paying clients, you need to pay extra attention to the two important aspects of your business – Marketing and PR. Remember, we have discussed this before in our blog that luxury prices go for the clients looking for luxury services. Make your digital and print media portfolio exclusive for the high-dollar clients. 

Luxury Clients & Marketing

Listening is vital! For good marketing you can never assume what your client wants from you. Once you know your audience, you need to redesign your digital presence accordingly. 


Your website is the only digital property you own. It is your brand identity. We discuss three important marketing tips for a good website. 

Consistent style and design are the trademark for your brand. 

Search Engine Optimization enables you to design content for your target audience. It helps you to be creative within the boundaries of your niche. 

Website speed is crucial to your digital business. Slow loading website have higher bounce rates. One way to increase your website loading speed is to decrease the image size. For a good quality small sized image you can use TinyPNG.com and TinyJPG.com
Another important tip is to check for non-functional links on your website using GTmetrix.com. These should be removed to increase efficiency of your website. 

User Experience:
Relevant information should be readily available to the clients as they enter your website. 

Social Media

Brand identity: 
Create a look that is your own and be consistent. Build a solid visual brand that resonates with your unique brand identity. 

Use your social media platforms to highlight your awards and projects. Best way to showcase your luxury brand is through video. Video is a very interactive medium to present your personality, testimonials from your clients and your brand story. 

Brand Story:
By simply telling your customers why you started your business and what makes you different, you can build an effective emotional connection with your audience. This builds brand loyalty and gets people talking about your brand story to their friends creating a network of referrals.

Micro Influencers: 
Use influencers that speak to your crowd. Research and find out who are the influencers your high-paying clients are following and make a joint marketing campaign. 

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Audience Target Sheet:
You may want to position your luxury brand on various platforms other than Google. Use the audience worksheet to target that audience in various search engines. 

Facebook Ads:
Facebook provides audience selection through its detailed demographics algorithms and hence is a great site for Paid Ads. Segmenting audience is unrivaled by most platforms. It is most likely that audience will not buy through the initial ad but they will put you on their radar. This is a useful strategy for building your brand. 

Bing Search Engine:
Bing search engine has a great potential for prospect conversion rate. According to Bing, 1/3 of their audience has a household income over 100K so you are able to reach 59 million people that are not reached on Google. 

We’ll discuss more about Luxury PR in our next blog. For more value based information visit our website www.kitchenandbathmarketingsolutions.com


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