November 1

Most Common Problems Found in Interior Design or Remodeling Business Websites

Kitchen & Bath Marketing Solutions have worked on many different website design and management projects for our clients. We have found some very costly mistakes done by designers or remodelers. Lets discuss here. 

1. Online Business Without a Website:

There are many ways to build a website for interior design or home remodel business. WordPress, Weebly, Wix, SquareSpace, GoDaddy etc. are some of many website builders and hosting platforms. Some interior design businesses are based on Facebook or Instagram only without any proper website. If a Facebook page is blocked, your entire business will shut down right there. If you decide to take your website to a different host, you don’t get to take that website with you because these platforms technically own it. But when it’s built on a hosting platform like WordPress you own it 100%. All you need is to pay for the hosting.

2.  Website is Outdated:

Most interior designers and remodelers have a website, which is ten plus years old. Clients will judge your business by your website, and be turned off if your website looks stale and outdated. Updating website and improving its design is recommended. 

3. Website with Poor User-Experience:

Make sure the person developing the site has some experience building a site that will convert visitors into leads. If they can’t find proper CTA  or Call-To-Action on every webpage, you will loose them. 

4. Website Analytics are not Monitored & Poor Follow-up on Leads: 

You must keep track of the time when someone requests a quote over the phone and when they submit one via your website. You won’t know where your leads are coming from if you aren’t monitoring these metrics.

5. Social Media is not Maintained:

Designers should be prepared for potential consumers to find their work on social media. If you post images of finished products  and projects a few times per week and allow your FB and IG profiles grow naturally, that will aid in your website traffic conversion as well. 

6.  Website reviews are not Managed: 

Two to three reviews per month is a good target; you don’t need 100. Therefore, that equals to 20 reviews every year. That is a fantastic goal-size. More reviews are preferable, but more recent reviews are superior to more overall. If a homeowner is shopping for a countertop and reading reviews about some local businesses, and one of those businesses has 50 reviews, but the majority of those ratings are more than a year old, that business isn’t as good as the one with 25 recent reviews.

We will discuss in detail these common mistakes and counter measures on website updates that would be compulsory in 2023, in our upcoming podcast episodes & blogs. Stay connected. 


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