September 1

How Designers & Remodelers can be Successful on Meta? Let’s Try Facebook Ads!

What is the significance of Facebook Ads for the Interior Design & Remodeling Industry?

Facebook sets itself apart from competing ad platforms by offering lifestyle-based clientele targeting options for designers & remodelers. According to a 2020 poll of US retailers, 41% of respondents believe Facebook Ads provide the best return on advertising spend (ROAS). When compared to the overall average conversion rate of just 9.21%, that represents a significant increase (Buffer.com).

Facebook and Instagram are both owned by Meta, and their platforms can be combined. This enables you to reach even more social users & potential clients for interior design & home remodeling industry, by running advertisements concurrently on both networks. For understanding ad performance, Meta has tremendous resources, including data for reach, engagement, and conversion. The real-time data updates allow you to modify your marketing strategy for kitchen & bath niche. The “Facebook Pixel” can be added to your website using Facebook’s existing analytics. The majority of content management systems enable you to add this code to your website to monitor the success of your Facebook ads.

Top Trends for Facebook Ads

1. Campaign Objective: The objective you choose informs Facebook of your campaign goals and the action you want your kitchen & bath industry clients to take after viewing your advertisement.

2. Find Target Audience: You may better adapt your content to your customers by using the Audience Insights tool to construct these in-depth customer profiles. You can also understand where to advertise your material to get more readers by doing this.

Options for audience filtering include:

  • Region, nation, or city
  • Age – unlike ads that can be targeted to 13+ Gender Interests Fans of your Facebook page, which can optionally be omitted, the minimum age that can be specified is 18.
  • Language, education, relationship status, employment, multicultural affinity, parents, politics (only in the US), and life events like starting a new career or relationship are among the many advanced possibilities.

3. Budgeting Effectively: When budgeting, it’s important to remember that this number represents the maximum amount you want to spend. You can set a daily budget or total amount for the campaign.

Daily: Daily budget sets a limit on how much you spend on your ads each day. Facebook will use the criteria you set to find the right places and times to show your ads to your target audience. Once your budget is reached, the ads will stop running for the day. The cycle starts again the next day.
Full-time: Lifetime budget is the maximum amount you’ll spend over the life of your ad campaign. You give Facebook a number and an end date, and it will spend money based on how the ads perform. When your budget is reached, the campaign will end.

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