February 15

Top Bathroom Design Trends in 2020

Bathrooms in our homes usually have a small space. That’s why we are always very conscious of what we are adding in this little space. We visit this area several times a day, so it creates a need of having a relaxing and tranquil feel. However, keeping your bathroom design vibrant and modern is no easy feat because you have to maintain the fresh, clean, and airy appeal all the time.

Whether you are planning to build a new bathroom or remodel an existing one, the below list of top bathroom design trends in 2020 will surely spark some creativity. Have a look:

Best Bathroom Design Trends in 2020
1. Modern Lighting Upgrades
Modern bathrooms of 2020 are all about making the right use of lighting. If you want to introduce a fresh and new look to your bathroom, the best and cheapest way is to make use of light fixtures. Installing chandeliers, hanging bulbs, and small lights can greatly amp up the entire look of the bathroom. You can go for the ones that suit your budget. Besides that, it’s a good idea to incorporate fresh and natural light in your bathroom using windows above the sink area.
2. Accent Walls
Accent walls are used to create a focal point in your bathroom. They are getting popular in 2020 to highlight either your vanity or your tub area. The most commonly used materials for accent walls are brick, natural stone, wood, and mosaic. The idea is to use different colors and materials to create a contrasting effect in your bathroom. As far as the modern look is concerned, you can also use mirrors to create an accent wall.
3. Retro Wooden Bathtub & Vanity
Wood goes nicely with industrial and vintage trends so it’s no surprise that the wood design is trending again in 2020. You’ll see a lot of retro wooden bathtubs and vanity in a modern home interior that will present a hunter look. Being evergreen with natural material, wood adds a traditional touch in your modern bathroom. It pairs well with blue, white, green, and dark-colored themes. If you want to experience a luxury feel in your bath area while being natural at the same time, retro wood is the way to go.
4. Touch of Natural Beauty
Nowadays people are more inclined towards including nature in their home interior. Keeping the popular “go green” concerns in mind, bathroom remodelers are more inclined to giving a touch of natural beauty to the modern bathrooms. A quick way to do so is to use small indoor plants and place them in different areas of your bathroom. You can also use natural color accessories like sky blue and grass-green to decorate the bathroom.
5. Enclosed Shower Areas
Walk-in showers have been in style for quite some time now. However, in 2020, you’ll see top-notch fresh designs and styles for enclosed shower areas. The door tilting techniques, mirror texture, and tile patterns will create a seamless look by making space look larger than it is.


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