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Top Kitchen Design Trends in 2020

A kitchen is the heart of the home because it ultimately becomes the epicenter of family life. You not only cook your favorite foods here but also celebrate holidays, entertain guests, and make memories.

Designing your kitchen is one of the most important decision you can make within the interior of your home. The reason is basic: you cannot easily change the style later because of appliances installation points and plumbing service. Considering the function, it serves, a kitchen must be simple, organized, and practical without having you compromise on a beautiful design.

If you are confused about choosing the best design for your kitchen, we are presenting you with a list of top kitchen trends in 2020 that are here to stay.

Best Kitchen Trends in 2020
1. Open-Plan Kitchen Remodel
The modern kitchen of 2020 is making the transformation from cubicle-like spaces to a wall-less open kitchen area. Smart kitchens are the talk of the town because of all the technological advancements happening in the food appliances industry. Home renovators are remodeling their kitchen to create an open space where modern-technology, shelving, and furniture are the main areas of focus.
2. Naval Touch in the Kitchen
Colored kitchen cabinets are emerging as the biggest kitchen trend of 2020. Sherwin Williams has announced Naval as the color of the year and people are actively considering this color for their kitchen cabinet remodel. To stay in-line with the modern trends, you can infuse a theme of naval and white in your kitchen. This relaxing color scheme will provide a touch of confidence and style to your kitchen.
3. Colorful Kitchen Tiles
Tiles are an exciting way to freshen up an old kitchen design. While the all-white kitchen will never go out of style, people are still loving to take risks with different colors for the backsplash. You can bring beautiful texture and nuance to your kitchen with colorful tiles to captivate the attention of everyone who visits your home.
4. Quartz Still Rocks
Although Calacatta marble provides a stronger and bold appeal, quartz is still a better and affordable option for your kitchen. The material is extremely hard and is less prone to stains. For high-end kitchen countertops, it can last forever. When quartz was first introduced in the market for kitchen countertops, there were not a lot of styles and variations in it. But now, thanks to technology, manufactures have come up with a wide variety of quartz designs and color finishes to rock the countertops with full style in 2020.
5. Love for Kitchen Larders
Kitchen cupboards, also known as pantry cupboards, have become a staple of modern homes. They are large enough to store almost all your dry stuff but small enough to occupy the minimal space in your kitchen while keeping things organized. Larders have removed the need of having big wall cupboards for storage. You can free up that entire wall area for artwork or kitchen decor to create a relaxing environment.


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