April 1

Top Ways Interior Designers & Remodelers Can Optimize Their Websites for Maximum Conversions & Sales

If you’re like most new designers and remodelers, your website has probably served its purpose over the years…you put it up there so people can find you and maybe get an idea of what kind of services you offer. But if you want to grow your business – then it needs to be more than just another picture-filled online brochure with contact information and a link to your Google+ page. You need to showcase your expertise, build trust and earn customers by showing them how much they could benefit from working with you. And this means taking full advantage of all the marketing tools available today (and yesterday).
Here are a few ways to help you optimize your website for conversions and sales. 

1. Adding Pop-Ups to your website: This is one of the easiest and fastest ways to increase conversions on your site. The first thing that pops up when someone visits your website is usually a popup box asking them to signup or download something free. This is called “landing popups.” It’s a free tool that will make your conversion rate skyrocket. I use this often in my own websites to help me generate leads. For example, I have a landing page where potential clients can click to get their custom designed quotes or estimates within 30 minutes.

2. Remove distractions from your website: Too many pictures, too much text and other random things distract visitors which makes it harder for them to focus and convert into customers. I recommend removing everything but your main call-to-action button. Make sure it stands out and gives the visitor enough time to read what you wrote before pressing the button.

3. Include testimonials and case studies on your site: People love seeing real examples of successful projects completed elsewhere – especially when the work was done by a professional who knows what he/she is doing. Testimonials give a sense of credibility and authority since these are coming directly from the client. Case studies show off exactly why someone would hire you over others and how much money they stand to save.

To deliver more detailed information to you we have covered an extensive webinar last month. Go check it out on Kabms website and YouTube channel. 


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