April 3

Why Google Analytics (GA4) is better than Universal Analytics (UA)?

In our previous blog we introduced Google Analytics (GA4) and its impact in the interior design and home remodel industry. 

Today,  let’s discuss how G4A is better than its predecessor ‘Universal Analytics (UA).  Here are some of the key differences and improvements of GA4 over UA:

1. Event-based data collection:

GA4 uses an event-based data model, which means that events, such as button clicks or form submissions, are tracked as the primary source of data. This approach allows for more granular tracking of user behavior across different platforms and devices, providing a more accurate and complete picture of user behavior.

2. Cross-device and cross-platform tracking:

GA4 allows for better cross-device and cross-platform tracking, allowing marketers to track user behavior across multiple devices and platforms, including mobile apps and web browsers. This is particularly useful for businesses with omnichannel strategies, where customers interact with the brand across multiple touchpoints.

3. Machine learning-powered insights:

GA4 uses machine learning algorithms to analyze data and provide insights automatically. This includes predictive analytics that can help businesses identify potential customer churn or suggest new audience segments to target.

4. Improved data privacy:

GA4 includes stronger data privacy features, such as more granular user consent controls and the ability to use hashed email addresses instead of plain text. This helps businesses comply with regulations such as GDPR and CCPA.

5. Streamlined reporting:

GA4 includes a streamlined reporting interface, with more flexible and customizable dashboards and reports. This can help businesses gain faster insights and make more data-driven decisions.

Overall, GA4 provides a more flexible, accurate, and privacy-focused way to track user behavior and gain insights into customer behavior across multiple channels and devices.

​To know more stay tuned to KABMS. 


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